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Japan demanded from Russia to return Land to Mary Byrd

Japan demanded from Russia to "return" the coast of the Land to Mary Byrd.

The Japanese authorities demanded that Russia transfer the coast of Mary Byrd to the country's sovereignty, which is Japan's new territorial claim to Russia. The demands of the Japanese authorities are more than strange, since in Tokyo they refer to the fact that more than a hundred years ago it was Japanese researchers who visited this region, and, therefore, the region should be under the control of Japan.

Japan's new territorial claims against Russia should be viewed primarily as a provocation, as Tokyo continues to increase pressure on Russia in this way. Tokyo, undoubtedly, realizes that Moscow will refuse Japan and this may serve as a pretext for the deployment of missile weapons on the territory of this state, directed primarily against Russia.

The Russian side has not yet responded to Japan's territorial claims. Apparently, there will not be any comments on Tokyo's challenge, since the territory of Antarctica is neutral, which, of course, is also known in Japan.


In Japan, they did not repent for Detachment 731, and therefore they want a repetition? Japan has not concluded a peace treaty with RUSSIA, and it also threatens it. A country that does not have minerals and ores, without supplies of fuels and lubricants will not be able to fight for a long time, and blitzkrieg = but will not be for sure.

Here, they demanded))))))


Samurai also want to eat for free. Well bummer with the Kuriles. What if it breaks off?

Are they already beginning to divide Antarctica? It's time to announce VVP there RAP (Russian Antarctic Republic).

The Japanese front has expanded from the Kuriles to Antarctica !?
"Mary Byrd Land is part of West Antarctica, lying on the Pacific coast of the Southern Ocean between the Ross Ice Shelf in the east .."
Interesting ...

only in exchange for Hokkaido. until the end of the 17th century, its northern part was part of Russia