Air defense missile launches


Russian officers in Syria ordered to intercept Israeli missiles and shoot down IDF planes

The Russian military was ordered to shoot down Israeli missiles and aircraft.

The Russian military in Syria was ordered to repel the attacks of the Israeli military by intercepting missiles, as well as to destroy Israeli Air Force aircraft in the event that the IDF decides to repeat the attack from Syrian airspace or over the neutral waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Prior to the incident this week, the Russian side ignored attacks by Israeli forces, according to Israeli newspaper Debka. Unexpectedly, an order was received to use existing air defense systems to repel attacks. According to a number of data, now the Russian military fully control the airspace of the Arab republic in the territories controlled by the SAA.

“Russia has changed its attitude towards Israeli air strikes in Syria. Russian Air Force officers commanding Syrian missile batteries are now working to intercept Israeli missiles or Israeli aircraft in case they cross the border and enter Syrian airspace. Russian military sources report that during the July 19 attack in the Aleppo area, the Syrian air defense system intercepted 7 of 8 precision missiles fired by Israeli aircraft at targets. Israeli military rockets were fired from Lebanon at targets in Syria. According to Russian military sources, the change in Russian policy came after Russian President Putin received a signal from the White House in Washington that President Joe Biden's administration would no longer agree to support Israeli attacks in Syria. Washington does not welcome the ongoing Israeli raids. If this report is correct, then in the end it is not only a change in Russia's attitude towards Israeli attacks, but also a change in American policy towards Israel's military operations in Syria. ", - said in the material of the "Debka" publication.

In turn, Syrian and Israeli sources denied the interception of 7 missiles, noting that at least three targets in Syria were hit by the Israeli military. Now this raises a lot of questions regarding the objectivity of the data presented.

There is an opinion that they will not answer. An airplane is an airplane, and business is business.

Benjamin Netanyahu again needs to gather in the Kremlin with a bow

How will Israel not allow it?

A link to the official source - to the studio, please.

Probably need to talk !?

Orders will be executed !!

Yes! This is true. There is such an order of the Ministry of Defense. But the question arises if they begin to bring down the fact that Israel will allow it. I think he won't.

... if they can.

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So the Il-20 was shot down by the Syrians!

Received the 184th order to shoot down packages and planes. But ... Not a single one was shot down.
We are waiting for the 185th order ...

They have not answered for the IL-20 yet.