Ballistic missile launch


Yemen prepared to hit ballistic missiles on Tel Aviv

Yemeni rebels are ready to attack Tel Aviv with drones and ballistic missiles.

Against the background of the emergence of information that the Israeli Ministry of Defense is considering the possibility of delivering attacks on the territory of Yemen, the reason for which, obviously, is the close cooperation of this country with Iran, the Hussites did not exclude the possibility of delivering attacks on Israel itself.

Saudi missile defense systems have already successfully failed in their mission by missing a ballistic missile that launched a strike at Dammam. Israel is undeniably further away, however, according to some reports, the Hussites armed with ballistic missiles are capable of hitting targets at distances up to 2 thousand kilometers, which is more than enough to cover the entire territory of Israel.

According to analysts, the Yemeni rebels will not make such attempts until Israel wants to intervene, however, as time shows, the same Saudi Arabia, which has dozens of Patriot missile defense systems, is under a hail of drones and ballistic missiles, while while the Israeli Iron Dome system has so far successfully fought only Hamas missiles

U.S. fascists have already crossed the line, the faster they destroy this terrorist entity, the sooner peace in the Middle East comes