A second before the disaster: in the USA, another F-35 almost crashed. Video

The United States miraculously escaped another plane crash with a fifth-generation fighter - the third in a month.

The fifth-generation American fighters were completely unprepared for active operation in the country's air force. This is evidenced by the next incident, which almost led to the loss of another combat aircraft in the US troops - the pilot managed to save the F-35 fighter just a second before the crash.

On the presented video frames you can see how the pilot of the American F-35 fighter, taking off from the deck of an aircraft carrier, could not accelerate the car to the required speed, as a result of which the latter almost fell into the water. Judging by the presented video frames, they managed to save the car literally an instant before it plunged into the water - the expense went only a few meters.

The American military command has not yet commented on the incident, however, experts believe that the lack of engine thrust was to blame for this, which could be due to both the human factor and the technical flaws of the fifth-generation American combat aircraft.

“It is clear that if an emergency occurred, then Washington’s partners would have a host of questions regarding the reliability of fifth-generation American combat aircraft. In fact, the pilot managed to save the third car from the crash in a month, and this is not even in a combat situation. ", - the expert marks.

it’s not a “Test take-off with minimum engine power”, but a training take-off with incomplete catapult power. They are trained so that they get used to it. On some resource (I don’t remember) this was written about ...

Test take-off with minimum engine power ...