Vladimir Zelensky


Zelensky asked to strengthen sanctions against Russia because of Putin’s decision on the Donbass

The headquarters of the newly elected Ukrainian president demanded increased sanctions against Russia.

Due to the fact that President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation for people living in the Donbas, the headquarters of Vladimir Zelensky issued a statement in which Russia was called an "occupant country" and called for increased sanctions against Russia.

“By the decree on issuing Russian passports to citizens of Ukraine who are in territories temporarily not controlled by our state, the Russian Federation has recognized its responsibility as an occupying state”- said in the message.

In fact, such a statement means that economic and political sanctions against Russia can be greatly strengthened, since, according to Zelensky headquarters, the Kremlin’s decision does not contribute to a cease-fire in eastern Ukraine.

At the moment, it remains unknown how Zelensky will react to such a statement in Europe and the United States, but the current president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, has already made a sharp statement that Russia plans to annex the Donbass to its territory.

it had to be done three years ago

This is exactly what should be done with LDNR! It's time to take them to the COMPOSITION OF GREAT RUSSIA!

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And they will do it right if the Donbass enters the Russian empire as much as the people can suffer.