Blow to the airport


Ukraine's pitiful excuses for destroyed IL-76 are completely dispelled

Ukraine failed to make excuses for destroying an aircraft with weapons in Libya.

Despite statements by the Ukrainian side that the Il-76 Ukrainian transport plane destroyed at Misrata International Airport was delivering humanitarian aid to Libya, it became known that the board had nothing to do with the Red Cross organization at all.

“I can only say one thing: the information that this plane was carrying our cargo [humanitarian aid] is untrue. Our cargo was not on board. ”, - quotes the words of the media relations specialist of the International Red Cross, Alexander Vlasenko, the Mice Times.

In fact, this means that the Ukrainian side tried to hide behind an international organization when transporting military cargo to Libya, however, despite the UN embargo, so far no measures have been taken against the Ukrainian air carrier.

It should be clarified that the information on the crew members aboard the destroyed IL-76 is still contradictory - according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, all of them were urgently evacuated, however, according to sources in the Libyan national army, the crew died as a result of the strike.