Plane corncob. Photo.

Plane corncob. Photo.

Plane corncob. Photo.




Kukuruzniki called aircraft of the Soviet Agricultural Aviation. 


Soviet light multi-purpose aircraft An-2

Plane corncob. Photo.


The vessel is a single-engine piston biplane with braced wing.

Plane corncob. Foto.1


Equipped aircraft engines AL-62IR.

Plane corncob. Foto.2


Also it refers to maize plane Y-2 (aka On-2).

Plane corncob. Foto.3


Created the ship was in 1928 year. It is one of the most massive aircraft in the world. 

Plane corncob. Foto.4


In addition to the An-2 and Y-2, one can include a plane of the Soviet small aircraft, the Yak-12, to the cornfields. 

Plane corncob. Foto.5


And light plane Au-10.

Plane corncob. Foto.6


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