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Airport Arkhangelsk Talagi (Arkhangelsk Talaghy Airport). Official site.


Arkhangelsk Talagi International Airport is located at a distance of 6 kilometers north-east of the city. The opening of the airport took place in February 1963 years. Currently it is the base for the Russian airline "Nordavia-RA". Due to the fact that the terminal building is not reconstructed for a long time, in 2011 year began large-scale reconstruction, which should result in 2015 year.

With 1998 years at the airport based independent air unit air defense of the Russian Federation.



From the airport Arkhangelsk regularly conducted aerial flights to major cities of the Russian Federation and the countries of Scandinavia and Europe. In addition, from the Talagi depart charter planes to the most popular among tourists from the Russian foreign resorts such as Turkey, Egypt and others.

On the territory of the airport complex has a hotel. It is located in the administrative building on 1, 3 and 4 floors. Also at night you can stay at some hotels and inns, which are located in the Arkhangelsk.


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Creation and development of the airport "Arkhangelsk Talagi"

Airport name came from two small adjacent settlements Talagi, which are located in the Arkhangelsk region. Initially, the airport was established in 1942 year. It was created for military purposes, with regard to the runway, it was made of wood lattices that are filled with gravel.

Civil operation began only 1963 years. In those years there was carried off and landing aircraft such as the Yak-40, IL-14, Li-2, IL-18 and An-24.

At different times at the airport deployed such devices:

• Starting from the year of 1953 1960 year, it was based fighter aviation regiment named after Suvorov. These were airplanes MiG MiG-17-15.

• Since the autumn of 1966 the military part was more modern machines Tu-128.

• In the year 1980 Aviation Regiment has been completely re-equipped airplanes MiG-31.

• The final part of the military at the airport "Arkhangelsk Talagi" was disbanded only 1998 year.

• In 1999 was erected monument mounted machine MiG-31, which served as the home of many years.

At this point in time in this airport is a military unit of Russian air defense 21 body with aircraft of type AN-26 and Mi-8.

With regard to civil aviation, in recent years, the airport "Arkhangelsk Talagi" greatly improved and modernized. So with 2009 years there is the possibility of receiving and maintenance of passenger aircraft of the type Airbus A320 and Airbus A319.

Recent reconstruction works were carried out in 2011 year. At this time, it has been remodeled and improved terminal itself. For more convenient boarding in 2013 year it was built two telescopic ladder. It improves the quality of service for passengers and their luggage. All the material costs for the construction of a fully laid on the shoulders of the airport. 2015 autumn, the construction of another terminal with an area of ​​2 thousand square meters. m. In the management plans laid upgrading runways, drainage and parking for aircraft.

Talagi International Airport to the city can be reached through the following types of transfer:

1) Bus.

There are two bus routes that connect the airport with the other hubs of the city:

  • - №12 to the sea the river station,

  • - №32 Train Station.

Buses run every 10-15 minutes. The trip takes about 45 minutes. The fare is 16 rubles.

2) Taxi.

№153 route leads from the airport to the center of Arkhangelsk. Minibuses run every 30 minutes. The ticket price is the same as in the city bus - 16 rubles.

3) Taxi.

Use the services of taxi companies can simply call immediately after arrival. By the time the car out of the airport we will wait for you lot.


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At the international airport of Arkhangelsk Talagi you may be offered the following services:

  • - luggage office;

  • - Mother and child room;

  • - cafes and restaurants;

  • - post office;

  • - Shops;

  • - ATMs and currency exchange;

  • - Airline offices;

  • - Business Facilities;

  • - A medical center and many more.



Arkhangelsk Talagi Airport on the map:


Basic data:

Serves regional flights to the city of Arkhangelsk Northwest Russia.

Airport Coordinates: Latitude 64.6, 40.72 longitude.

All times are GMT (winter / summer): + 3 / + 3.

Country Airport location: Russia.

The number of airport terminals: 1.

IATA airport code: ARH.

ICAO airport code: ULAA.

Internal Code: AHG.

Basic airline:Nordavia - Regional Airlines (Nordavia - Regional Airlines).


Contact details:

  • Airport Fax: + 78182631611.

  • Telephone airport management: + 78182631301.

  • Telephone reference Airport: + 78182631600.

  • Email the airport:[Email protected].

  • The mailing address of the airport: Talagi Airport, 8, Arkhangelsk, Russia, 163053.


Airport Arkhangelsk Talagi. Official site:

Airport Arkhangelsk Talagi. Official site.

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