Ufa Airport
Ufa Airport

Airport Ufa (Ufa Airport). Official site.


Ufa International Airport is located at a distance of 25 kilometers southwest of the city center. In 1980-ies it was built a special lane designated for landing spacecraft "Buran".

Ufa International Airport services enjoyed by many major Russian airlines. These include such carriers as "aeroflot","Ural Airlines ", "OrenAir","S7 Airlines" and others. And here you can find some international representation and aircraft firms.


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The airport itself is the base for a small airline Bashkirian "Arch."


On the territory of the international airport of Ufa has the following terminals:

  • 1) Terminal 1.

It serves domestic flights direction.

  • 2) Terminal 2.

Serves flights from international destinations. Open recently (in 2001 year).


Delivery of passengers to the aircraft is carried out by special buses Neoplan.


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Near the international airport of Ufa is a huge number of hotels and hotels of different levels, where you can stay. The most popular of them are:

  • - Crown Alliance;

  • - Amaks Tourist Hotel Ufa;

  • - Britain's hostel;

  • - Hotel Bashkortostan;

  • - Hotel Cleopatra;

  • - Hotel Ufa - Astoria;

  • - Four Seasons Hotel;

  • - Mini-Hotel Four Rooms;

  • - At the height of the hotel;

  • - Hotel Eurasia;

  • - Hotel Iremel;

  • - Hotel Posadskaya;

  • - Rainbow Hotel;

  • - President Hotel;

  • - Hotel-laws;

  • - Hostel Rusland.


There is also a hotel on the territory of the airport.

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The center of the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan Ufa International Airport can be reached in the following ways:

  • 1) Bus.

The main form of public transport. And, unfortunately, is almost unique.

  • 2) Taxi.

This type of transfer is present in every city. Therefore, with the order of the car should have no problem.


The range of services and entertainment that can offer you an international airport in Ufa do not have a particularly diverse.

But it is providing basic minimum services that must be present at any airport:

  • - A few cafes and restaurants;

  • - Stores (some of them are working on the system duty free, but only in the international terminal);

  • - medical Center;

  • - Representative of many Russian and international airlines;

  • - Item storage and other services.


Basic data:

  • The international airport of the capital of Bashkortostan.

  • Year of the airport grounds: 1933.

  • Airport Coordinates: Latitude 54.56, 55.87 longitude.

  • All times are GMT (winter / summer): + 6 / + 6.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • Location: in 22 kilometers south-west from the center of Ufa.

  • IATA airport code: UFA.

  • ICAO airport code: UWUU.

  • Internal code: UVUU.

  • Basic airline:AIRkaim (Arch).

Incidents in the airspace of the airport "Ufa"

The first recorded accident occurred in May 1979 year Tu-134. The accident occurred solely through the fault of the pilots of the liner. First of all, the approach carried out at a very high speed. In addition, with all wheels touching the runway landing gear were completely inhibited. As a result of planting the car went skidding on concrete pavement, and then flew off the strip. At the time of boarding passengers were 90. All of them survived.

20.09.1986 year on board an aircraft of the Tu-134 type, which followed the route Lviv-Nizhnevartovsk with a landing in Ufa, a terrorist seizure took place. The car was captured by two servicemen of the deserter, who had a submachine gun and a machine gun. On board the plane there were 76 passengers, crew with 5 people. All of them were hostages. The terrorists ordered to fly to Pakistan, they shot 2 passengers. The deserters themselves were detained during the assault, one was killed, and the second was wounded. And after the trial, the second invader was sentenced to death. During the storm, flight attendants played a big role, for which they were awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

The next incident occurred in April 2012 years with the aircraft type boigu-747, which belonged to the airline Lufthansa. The machine has carried out an emergency landing at the airport "Ufa" because of the smoke cabin and cockpit. As a result of the landing, all passengers and crew were unharmed. To extend the transportation of passengers the airline sent them two aircraft Airbus A320.

The last incident at the airport Ufa was the incident with the plane Airlines Boeing 737. When planting the car skidded off the runway more than 120 meters, while the plane broke signaling approach lights. All 87 passengers and crew on board were not injured.

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Contact details:

  • Email the airport:[Email protected].

  • Airport Fax: + 73472730271.

  • Telephone airport management: + 73472295445.

  • Telephone reference Airport: + 73472295295.

  • The mailing address of the airport: the village of Bulgakov district Airport, Ufa District, Republic of Bashkortostan, 450501.


Ufa Airport official site:http://www.airportufa.ru/

Ufa Airport, official website

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