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EVA Air - airline in Taiwan, which makes the transportation of passengers and cargo on international routes 40. It is the second largest Taiwanese airline.

Officially the airline was founded in March 1989 years, commercial activity started in July 1991 years. Initially the company to make flights to Bangkok, Seoul, Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. By the end of the route network, the EVA Air has expanded and opened new avenues in the city of East Asia, as well as the first European route to Vienna. In the early years of the company's revenue amounted to about 40 million. Dollars.

The airline EVA Air plane

In 1992 the airline received its first Boeing-747-400 and began to use it on the flight to Los Angeles, which opened in December of the same year. A year later added flights to Seattle and New York aircraft of the same class.

By the year 1994 EVA Air has provided scheduled air transport services on international routes 22, ferrying around 3 million. Passengers annually. The company became known internationally thanks to the rapid growth and constant increase in passenger traffic.

In 1995 it was opened unit for air cargo and launched weekly flights to Singapore, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Previously, such transportation is carried out only at the expense of cargo compartments of passenger planes. For this year 2004 division entered the top ten air freight companies in the world.

EVA Air service airline

EVA Air Division air transport includes special training centers for education and training of pilots and flight attendants. In addition, the company is engaged in ground handling fleet.

In 2000 the company management has resumed updating and completion of the existing fleet and has made a large order for the purchase of new aircraft.

In 2002 year EVA Air underwent internal corporate reforms, with staff reduction of employees and management simplification.

EVA Air - The second largest

Taiwan Airlines

In 2007-2008 years. due to a sharp jump in fuel prices the company had to take appropriate action, which is to reduce the flight schedule and increase pay for the flight.

Since 2009, the company's EVA Air passengers were able to book flights and check-in take place through the online system.

EVA Air airline for children

IATA code: BR
ICAO code: EVA
Membership in the Alliance: Star Alliance
Address: EVA Air Building, 376 Hsin-nan Road, Luchu, Section 1, Taoyuan, Hsien, Taiwan


Uniforms stewardess: EVA Air. Taiwan.

Uniforms stewardess: EVA Air. Taiwan.


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Nothing outstanding other than the price of tickets, for myself, I have not dug into that company. One-way ticket, costs the same as in the two sides on the same quality of service at the company.

The flight was successful. The price of tickets is the same as in most Russian companies, and service at the same time extremely courteous. I do not like, if burdensomely offer their services.

Price and service are average, but the price for tickets is high, it is not clear for what to pay such money, if you can fly on a plane the other companies with greater comfort.

Despite the fact that the plane is in an extremely neglected state, and the seats in the cabin are barely enough for a child, I liked the flight. It cost us to get into the zone of turbulence, as the pilot immediately gained altitude, or decreased, as a result, on the road, no passenger became ill. Landing was made with a delay of 15 minutes, specially marked. Now I recommend to all acquaintances to use only this airline. I will never forget how I flew with my girlfriend to Turkey last summer, cutting my vacation exactly on 2 days, while we waited for the rai to finally arrive. So there's nothing to say, I'm happy!

In February 2014 year I had the opportunity to fly on Boeing-747-400 combi route Taipei-Hong Kong. All the mediocre. Central polite staff, mediocre airplane food is mediocre. But the prices are far from average. One way tickets were more expensive than back / back. As a result, I had to immediately buy them both Kotz. In my opinion thousand 9. 1 thousand rubles. Km is too much. Although, if you look at the prices of competitors, they do not differ greatly.