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Gol - low cost airline in Brazil, which is engaged in both regular and charter services in the country and abroad.

Company Gol quite "young", founded in 2000, a year began its operations. Initially, the airline created as a «GrupoÁurea» subsidiary. In 2004 the shares of the new Gol were placed on the stock exchange.

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In 2007 was signed code-sharing agreement with the Brazilian company TAMAirlines, and the following year acquired the Gol brand bankrupt company «Varig». After the transaction the company's management stated that all commercial operations carried out under this brand will continue to exist. To this end, these operations have been allocated in a separate structure, and placed under the control of Gol. The final merger of the two companies took place in the year 2009. Most of the traffic was carried out under the brand Gol.

In 2010, the main rival Gol company TAM Airlines became a member of the alliance StarAirlines. In response to this move, Golvstupila in the Oneworld alliance. However, after half a year the agreement was terminated. Moreover, the company announced the refusal to participate in any alliances were, with the exception of code-sharing agreements.

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Today, Gol - one of the largest airlines in Latin America. The staff of the company has more than 5 thousand. Man, serving hundreds of daily flights in different directions. The company is rapidly growing and evolving, constantly buying the latest airliners and expanding the geography of flights. More 120 of aerial equipment carries passengers on a variety of routes. Gol fleet is not only numerous, but primarily safety and highly technical.

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The company's management aims to please all its customers, and to this end has developed a number of services that can be obtained for a fee: varies the power, the order of additional space at a discount, reservation of special places that are transformed into bed and shut themselves off from outsiders a special screen. On board some aircraft will offer you to take advantage of VIP-room.

Gol Company offers its passengers a lot of different ways to pay for tickets:

  1. credit card. When certain types of payment cards of passengers will not be charged tax;
  2. electronic systems;
  3. UATP-accounts for corporate clients;
  4. Online translation.

Basic data:

  • Country Airlines: Brazil.
  • The largest budget airline companies in South America.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 2000.
  • IATA airline code: G3.
  • ICAO airline code: GLO.


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Uniforms stewardess: Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes. Brazil.Uniforms stewardess: Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes. Brazil.


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You can not pay for a ticket to Brazil on the map, because it only accepts local banks. We had to run around town in search of an ATM to withdraw cash and pay for a ticket.

It is very convenient that the monitors are built right into the chair, and there is no need at all times to lift up his head up, as in the showrooms where they hang from the ceiling. The flight was calm. All the flight was shaking only twice.

I want to praise the man who founded the company and noted that the level you have achieved most of our - Russian companies will be a very long time to grow!

Departures occurred at the same time that was specified in the ticket. Registration and passport control passed surprisingly quickly. I decided to buy tickets back and this company! Excellent service and maintenance! Though the food and standard, but alertness of staff, with which they serve all requests, brightens lack of diversity. In the end, not the starving were gathered together.

In late April, the company flew from Sao Paulo to Iguazu. Comfortable aircraft, staff polite, prompt receipt of baggage. Extremely pleased ticket price - only 5 thousand. Rubles per person (luggage allowed 23 kg). Since this is a budget airline, served on board free only mineral water. Surprised and seat pitch. In this regard, we do not rest even low cost airlines. I would recommend.