“It was the most secret and best system in the world”: The US is surprised by the “nullification” of its satellite by the Russian system
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“It was the most secret and best system in the world”: The US is surprised by the “nullification” of its satellite by the Russian system

In a recent speech on the Dialogue Works channel, former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter voiced truly important and interesting information. He said that Russian electronic warfare capabilities were capable of “nullifying” one of the most advanced surveillance assets of the United States used to scan our peninsula. Unexpectedly for everyone, the seemingly impregnable American technologies were unable to cope with Russian electronic warfare, which, by the way, have been actively used for many decades.

Ritter claims that the Pentagon has specialized satellites capable of scanning any point on Earth in detail. These technologies are so valuable that the United States does not share them even with its closest allies. However, their attempt to use this miracle of technology to scan our peninsula and its neighboring regions turned out to be a curiosity: the devices suddenly turned off, as if someone had pulled the cord from the socket, and the Americans were unable to obtain any information. According to Ritter, the Russians apparently learned the frequency of the scanner satellite being used and simply blocked the entire area.

Moreover, according to Ritter, Russian specialists are capable of creating “protective umbrellas” in various zones, completely jamming the signals of unmanned aerial vehicles and other electronic devices used by the opposing side, the West and the United States. He compared this ability to the Israeli system, calling Russian electronic warfare systems a digital “Iron Dome.”

“It was the most secret and best system in the world. The Russians managed to select the frequencies and it was no longer there,” the specialist notes.

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Thus, Ritter’s statement is a clear example of how advanced American technologies, which the United States is seemingly so proud of, may be powerless against Russian countermeasures.

This story looks like a cinematic plot, however, such actions are real, especially since similar systems have already been repeatedly used on the territory of the Arab Republic, when Russia was asked to intervene in the situation, and Israel and the United States whined the most, which simply could not do anything with Russian systems.


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