regulatory channels in the GTE
regulatory channels in the GTE

regulatory channels in the GTE



Channel regulation and limitation of motor parameters PV, PC, T, T, p performed astatic. Control algorithms in these channels are selected in the class of adaptive, anti-jamming algorithms that provide the necessary reserves of stability and quality control processes in all engine operating conditions. The gas temperature control circuit T provides adaptive compensation of the inertia of the thermocouple.

Coordination with control channels on the run mode, throttle response, relief and others carried out by successive selektirovaniya control signals for maximum and minimum levels.

An integral part of the electronic control are built-in controls (FAC), designed to ensure reliability, improve the efficiency of maintenance of engines and aircraft in service.

The software implements ECC algorithms and algorithmic control system hardware (functional input-output units, micro-computers, power supply, etc.), Fault diagnosis, reconfiguration for their compensation.

The block diagram shows the ACS turbofans.

The control signals from an electronic controller outputs supplied to regulatory authorities through the motor actuators of the electronic part (IME) ACS.

fuel-supply system must provide the required values ​​and the range of fuel consumption changes in the ACS and FCC, as well as the work of mechanization bodies running the engine (turning ON, nozzles, etc.) and the characterization of the complex (weight, power consumption, heating fuel, etc.. ).

Currently, one of the most common is the STF, built using a gear pump for fuel supply ACS centrifugal pump to supply the FCC and single piston high-pressure pump to drive the nozzle flaps.

The fuel supply tank of the aircraft is supplied by a centrifugal pump NPD low pressure through the fuel filter to the inputs of a gear pump NVD high pressure centrifugal pump high-pressure plunger pump and FN NA High pressure.

Gear pump NVD supplies fuel to the ACS, in hydromechanical controls system and the drive cylinders on the fan and compressor. Furthermore, using NVD may be provided in the fuel supply nozzle actuating FCC nozzles in HC pump control unit and the FCC fuel nozzle at low cost to provide the desired onesPilaf mode fuel system. FN pump in addition to the fuel supply to the FCC is also used for emergency emptying the fuel tanks of the aircraft. NA plunger pump high-pressure hydraulic cylinders ensures operation of the nozzle drive.



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