JSC "Aviaagregat"
JSC "Aviaagregat"

JSC "Aviaagregat"



JSC "Aviaagregat" - Russian enterprise engaged in manufacturing and designing chassis for different types of aircraft.


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It began the history of the plant "Aviaagregat" in 1932 in the village of Stupino, Moscow region. But 1941 year, in the first months of the Great Patriotic War, production was moved to the city of Samara (former Kuibyshev).

JSC "Aviaagregat"


The plant in 1949 year goes to the landing gear for aircraft mainly heavy and medium classes. The company has survived more or less stable first half of 90-x - a time when the country entered into a market economy, in particular, against the backdrop of a series of bankruptcies of the largest plants. But 1996-1997's ubiquitous wave of the crisis has reached and "Aviaagregat". Almost two-thirds of the volume of production declined, falling to 32 1995 percent from the level of the year.

Slightly less than half of the working team (1460 workers from 2744) were laid off. At the beginning of the year 1997, it was obvious that the company will not be able to get out of debt hinges on their own. External control was introduced on "Aviaagregat" in May 1997 years.

Dylyuk Vladimir, President of JSC "Samara cars" was appointed external manager of the plant. Fists Gennady took the position of executive director. Dylyuk designed program out of default, that in 1998 year led to a significant increase in output 5 percent compared with the previous year - up to 69,6 million.

JSC "Aviaagregat"


Debts to "Samaraenergo" for electricity fell to six million rubles sixteen. Only the first five months of the year were settled 1999 18 89 million rubles from accounts payable. After reaching a stable positive results in the external management "Aviaagregat" was filmed. In the hands of Kulakov completely shifted the company's management.

Since the beginning of the year 2000 in a relatively stable position is "Aviaagregat". Proceeds from sale of services and products has reached 2005 664 million (excluding VAT), which 3,9 percent increase compared with the index 2004 years. The net profit of the plant reached 18,8 million. The team of workers of the plant at the time consisted of 1867 worker, the average salary of industrial-production personnel has more than 7 thousand rubles, it has grown over the year 2 percent.

JSC "Aviaagregat"


According to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 2008, the open joint stock company "Aviaagregat" it became part of the State Corporation "Russian Technologies". The state corporation has audited the company and found a fist in 2008 year without addressing the shareholders' meeting, without permission, significantly changed the terms of his employment contract, which it every month to pay additional premiums (payments).

Only one 2010, he was handed over 18 million rubles, an increase of one million rubles than the entire net profit of the company for the nine months of the year. Kulakov has made similar changes in the employment contract of his son G. Kulakov, which he gave to the plant director of finance. Payments son Kulakov reached 25 million rubles, and this despite the fact that at that time the company the average salary is 17 225 rubles.

JSC "Aviaagregat"


Fists in 2008 year also sold no one limited liability company "P-Invest" for 4,5 million rubles industrial buildings at their estimated market value of about 80 million. Then these same body were leased to the company, as the plant without them could not carry out their production. During the year the annual rent for the plant cost nearly one million rubles more than the amount for which these buildings have been sold "P-Invest".

Net profit of "Aviaagregat" in 2010, almost twice reduced in comparison with the year 2009, 36 to millions of rubles. Zza the same period, accounts payable increased by 26,8 percent.

JSC "Aviaagregat"


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