The last flight of "Grach": a tragedy that could be avoided
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The last flight of "Grach": a tragedy that could be avoided

The last flight of "Grach": a tragedy that could be avoided

The Russian Aerospace Force is one of the most powerful and effective in the world, which is widely recognized by the world's largest powers, including Great Britain, India, China, the United States and Japan. Nevertheless, the tragedy that occurred a few days ago in the Syrian province of Idlib, in which the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft was shot down, makes us think about the fact that today, the VCS need to be optimized, and this is not at all the weaponry technology, but also in order to approach the issue of strategy, tactics and planning as effectively as possible.

Chronicle of tragedy and real facts

3 February 2018, the Russian Su-25 attack aircraft, under the control of military pilot Guards Major Roman Filipov, carried out a combat mission related to the search and destruction of the positions of militants of the Dzhebhat al-Nusra terrorist group, which was officially banned in the Russian Federation came under fire and was shot down.

As a result of getting into the plane of the rocket, the pilot tried as far as possible to remove the aircraft from the place of fire, however, was forced to eject, resulting in being surrounded by rebels "Djebhat an Nusra.

Despite the numerical superiority of the radical Islamists, Roman Filipov fought the militants, initially firing from the gun, and later undermining himself with a hand grenade, which was captured on the footage of the video footage conducted by the rebels "Djebhat an Nusra."

Subsequently, in the area from which the Russian plane was shot down, a massive missile attack was carried out, as a result of which at least three dozen terrorists were killed, military equipment and communications were destroyed.

A tragedy that could be avoided

Despite the fact that the rebels of the terrorist group Jebhat An Nusra published a video of the destruction of the Russian aircraft, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation initially did not dare to confirm that a Russian plane had been shot down in Syria, however, after the shots of the crashed aircraft appeared the death of the pilot, the military command still recognized the fact of the tragedy.

Later it turned out that the pilot Roman Filipov reported that the aircraft was hit by a missile, most likely from a portable anti-aircraft missile system of unknown production, while taking into account the earlier report of the Turkish authorities that the US authorities in all likelihood put militants like air defense, it is logical to assume that the RF Ministry of Defense had at least unconfirmed facts that terrorists have such weapons.

Based on the foregoing, the question arises as to why in the area in which there were potentially concentrations of insurgents of the Jebhat an Nusra grouping, only one Su-25 attack aircraft was involved, especially since a few days earlier there were shots of the fact that near a similar the aircraft fired from an anti-aircraft installation.

Given the fact that the Russian army, which is one of the most powerful in the world, has various reconnaissance means, including unmanned vehicles, and there are military satellites in the orbit of the planet, capable of tracking the enemy's movement with an accuracy of several meters, the question arises why all possible means were not used to obtain objective information about the area and to avoid even a small probability that the flight of Su-25 would end in tragedy?

Conjectures and facts about the shot down Su-25

To date, there are several speculations about the case of the shot down Russian Su-25 attack aircraft, in particular, there are still unconfirmed reports that the aircraft was shot down from the US-made MANPADS (Stinger), which could be delivered by the US Department of Defense to militants, with the aim of destroying the Syrian air force. The US authorities have categorically denied this statement, however, as previously mentioned, a few weeks earlier, the Turkish authorities accused the Pentagon of arming the militants with portable air defense weapons.

It is no less of a concern that the video footage presented by the militants themselves shows the means of telecommunications, which, according to experts, can indicate the fact that the US military command informed the terrorists about the flights of Russian aviation.

Could our army use intelligence? Use the means of electronic warfare? To exact blows, as it happened after the death of the Russian pilot, is it safe to do so? Undoubtedly, however, for some reason, she could not, because of the circumstances, led to the death of the Russian pilot, later assigned to the title of Hero of the Russian Federation.

Of course, all possible situations can not be envisaged, however, the military command of the Russian Federation Military Space Council should think about changing its strategy, otherwise in the future, tragedies like this will be repeated.

Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for

Su 25 is morally obsolete! 1972 airplane of the year. Yes, and they did it in Tbilisi. It is resistant only against antiaircraft guns and aircraft guns 25-30 caliber. But against MANPADS, - no. They burned in Afghanistan, in Chechnya, in Georgia and now in Syria. And where will they be? The pilot is a hero! But the fathers - the commanders need to strip off the bulbs and put them where their legs grow

Rook could save installed in the rear end of the fuselage on a retractable fiberglass stricken cone made of carbon fiber covered with heat-resistant material. The cone creates an air seal that acts on the rudders of the approaching missile of the MANPADS and takes it away from the aircraft. At the same time, he jumps the airplane abruptly, which also causes the aiming head to briefly lose its target. After the miss of the missile, the cone is drawn into the fuselage of the aircraft.

Here for the tanks for a long time there is "Blind". ATTRACKS smear, even T72 can be protected. And to equip the Sushka with something similar, not destiny? An old stinger or needle that, it is difficult to reduce from the course? Or again save, in Russian maybe? It's time to dismiss the string ...

I read the article and imagined that the author is 18 years old.

After all, in fact, the 3 stormtroopers were there, working as a link.
Yes, there are reconnaissance means in the Russian Federation. But we must divide them by purpose. By type of intelligence, etc.
It is impossible for a satellite to keep all movements of the terrorists' forces while "hammering" to track NATO submarines in the Pacific.

Well, all that sort of thing.