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Forecast of future relations with Ukraine

Forecast of future relations with Ukraine



Confusing and difficult to target the political situation in Ukraine so far has not yet directly affect the aircraft in Russia is tied to contracts with Ukrainian designers. But if the political crisis drags on, there are no guarantees that no difficulties arise in the relationship with the same ASTC. Antonova и JSC "Motor Sich"Two strategic partners of the KLA in Ukraine no one will.

For now, according to vice-president of the KLA for Economics and Finance Vladimir Chirikov considered the option with the ability to localize production of components for a number of aircraft (AN-148, IL-76) in Russia. In 2014 year all accessories purchased and contracts will be carried out, but further ... Is it possible to do without the Ukrainian production capacity, in the case of the final deterioration of relations between the two countries, even when completely indifferent politically Ukrainian pilots can not close our eyes to confront neighboring powers?

Chirikov believes that it is possible, if we talk about two projects - single-aisle aircraft An-148For which wings produce in Ukraine, as well as military transport aircraft Il-76 (also called IL-476). But it is no secret that contracts with Ukrainian aircraft manufacturers tied almost all domestic aviaproekty.

According to the KLA cooperation with Ukrainians benefit only from the point of view that the separation of capacities gives a gain in time, but if it is compromised, UAC is the necessary documentation and manpower for manufacturing of all components in Russia. They say that the biggest threat - the loss of time to kind of reformatting process.

Now, for the time being, very few people seriously think about possible problems not only with Ukrainian suppliers, but also in the case of severe economic sanctions - with practical all aviation projects that are somehow tied up in contracts with foreign designers. If we localize the production of components for An-148 and IL-76 in Russia, this is an even more or less real task, which will still be very complicated and will suspend for a time the UAC aviation pipeline, which does not please the production facilities, in the case of sanctions It's hard to imagine what could happen to the domestic aircraft industry.

One example of the fact that the Russian aviation industry may lose in the event of further escalation of the conflict between the fraternal countries can be called a contract between Kiev State Enterprise "Antonov" and Russian "Ilyushin Finance Co.".

Recently, the corporation passed the fourth passenger jet An-158 Cuban customers. This aircraft model is made taking into account the specifics of operations in Latin America, where most airports are located at an altitude of 4 thousand kilometers. According to estimates, "IFC" demand for this type of aircraft and its "relatives" An-148 / 168 will only grow up to 2025 years 400 estimated at machines that can be delivered only to US customers.

Another two aircraft An-158 will be delivered to the Cuban airline Cubana de Aviacion to the end of the year. It is obvious that in case of serious problems between Ukraine and Russia the "delicious" for both parties to the contract may be lost, and such examples at the intersection of Ukrainian and Russian aircraft weight. I would like to believe that power is heating up the political situation in the south-east of Ukraine understand how to disastrous consequences can come away not only the aircraft of the two countries.


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