Yaw. Yaw angle. The yaw axis.

Yaw (Yaw) - angular movement aircraft, Ship, car relative to the vertical axis, as well as small changes in the course to the right or left of the ship.

If we mark the vertical axis Z, then the yaw angle corresponds to the Euler angle — the angle of proper rotation (φ is the yaw angle). A change in yaw angle is considered to be within +/- 1800. Management is done by pressing the pedal.


In accordance with the pressed pedal, the angle changes (when you press the right) to the right (when you press the left) to the left. The yaw angle is changed using the rudder or any other surface replacing it. Yaw aircraft may be caused by some other factors (such as air flow). In practice, yaw is used to maintain the course when maneuvering.

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