Yaw. Yaw angle. The yaw axis.



Yaw (yaw) - angular movementaircraft, Ship, caryaw, as well as small change of course to the right or left peculiar ship.

If we denote the vertical axis Z, then the yaw angle corresponds to the angle Eylera - proper rotation angle (φ - angle of yaw). Changing the yaw angle it is considered to be within +/- 1800. Management is done by pressing the pedal.


In accordance with the pressed pedal angle changes (by right) to the right (by pressing the left) to the left. Yaw angle is changed by using the rudder, or any other surface that replaces it. Yaw jet can be caused by some other factors (e.g. air flow). In practice, the yaw rate is used to maintain maneuvering.

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