Helicopter In-7
Helicopter In-7 - Mil OKB. Photo.

Helicopter In-7 - Mil OKB. Photo.



Helicopter In-7 - an experienced helicopter jet engine rotor design Mil.

The design of the helicopter includes a teardrop-shaped all-metal fuselage of semi-monocoque riveted construction. Top power frames established cast plate screwed. It is attached to the flange plate gear that is composed of the main rotor shaft (on its axis and set the swashplate of the main rotor hub with blades) and motor units. The front plate attached bracket, power control and rocking. From the sides of the fuselage was located three doors.

In addition to the pilot in the cockpit could accommodate three passengers or a stretcher with the patient and maintainer. Fuel tank located under the floor. Pump the fuel supplied to the fuel regulator, and then to the collector rotor shaft and then centrifugal force kerosene drove to TRD on zakontsovah carrying a two-blade propeller.


Helicopter In-7 photo.

Helicopter In-7 photo.

The blades have a rectangular steel spars with plywood paneling and wooden frame. They were fixed to the hub by means of axial and horizontal hinges total. The wear of blades laid two pipe fuel supply. Electrical wiring passes inside the spar. At the end of the main rotor shaft was installed at the top of the current collector devices for the power plant.

The first development in the USSR jet helicopter. Designers in the course of work are faced with technical difficulties, insurmountable at that time (in the turbojet engine and the load on the main rotor). The project is closed. 1-1962 First flight year.


Features The helicopter-7:



  • Crew: 1

  • The greatest number of passengers: 3

  • Length: 6,23m

  • The diameter of the rotor: 11,60m

  • Height: 2,91m

  • Empty weight: 730 kg

  • Normal takeoff weight: 835kg

  • The highest take-off weight: 1050kg

  • Powerplant: 2TRD AI7

  • Maximum speed: 240km / h

  • The speed at FL: 210km / h

  • Practical range: 510km

  • Ferry range: 1000km

  • Ceiling: 4500m



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Helicopter In-7 in the fieldHelicopter In-7 modelHelicopter In-7 in aviagarazhe

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Helicopter In-7 rear screwHelicopter In-7 view sdalekaHelicopter In-7 engines

Helicopter In-7 photo in aviagarazhe side viewHelicopter In-7 frameHelicopter In-7 front view


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