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Air Alliance: the survival of carriers.
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Air Alliance: the survival of carriers

Air Alliance: the survival of carriers.


It's no secret that the current situation in the civil aviation sector has led carriers to all the major problems affecting the increase in the debt reduction activities and others. The problem itself is very delicate, especially given the fact that it affects almost all airlines, however, experts believe that the way out of the situation is still there, at least for the next few years.

Experts believe that the Russian airlines just right to reflect on the creation of temporary alliances that can greatly enhance the effectiveness of each individual carrier, and if you do not cause a sharp rise in profits for each of them, at least to ensure break-even, which is also important. This offer applies not only to small airlines, which in such difficult times is very difficult to survive, but also to the carriers, the elite of the Russian Federation Civil Aviation.



Think definitely there is something in particular, with the joint organization, airlines can significantly diversify its route network, reduce costs for the organization of extended routes, reduce the cost of airline tickets and other. In fact, this approach allows you to maximize the efficiency of airline operations during the crisis period that are currently observed.

It should be clarified that, according to the state structures, the decline of passenger traffic by Russian air carriers should be expected in the period up to the year 2019, in this connection, the creation of alliances, domestic carriers will be very promising, at least for the next two years.


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