Bomber B-52


US bomber with nuclear bombs on board makes an emergency landing in Spain

An American nuclear-powered bomber aboard urgently landed in Spain.

The deployment of B-52 nuclear strategic bombers from the United States to the Indian Ocean Diego Garcia air base ended in a very dangerous incident. For unknown reasons, one of the aircraft made an emergency landing at an air base in Spain - according to some reports, there could have been nuclear weapons on board the aircraft, since this is a variant of a bomber designed to use this type of weapon.

According to sources, we are talking about one of the bombers, which the Pentagon intended to use to strike in Iran. Nevertheless, its breakdown and emergency landing, obviously, indicate the fact that these aircraft were not ready to conduct any kind of military operations at all.

Earlier it was reported that Washington deliberately deployed six B-52 bombers to the Diego Garcia base, two of which are represented by a version for the use of nuclear weapons. Nevertheless, judging by satellite images, at the moment there are only five strategic bombers of the US Air Force at the Diego Garcia air base, which indicates the fact that one was not ready for its use.

At the moment, representatives of the US Air Force do not comment on the breakdown of their aircraft, however, given the fact that the latter has been there for several days, the problem is very serious.

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