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Flight attendants "disgraced" the largest airline in the world

The flight attendants of the airline "Ryanair" disgraced the carrier, and they were fired.

Air carrier Ryanair dismissed six of its employees because the flight attendants, pretending to be asleep, caused serious moral damage to the world's largest low-cost airline, although in reality the airline's employees only tried to protest peacefully against the unsuitable working conditions of their colleagues.

According to the British edition of the Daily Mail, in the middle of last month, the passenger liner of the airline Ryanair made an emergency landing at the International Airport of Malaga, while the carrier did not provide its employees, but we are talking about 24 crew members, no places to rest. According to the press service of Ryanair, this was due to the high workload of the nearest hotels, although according to the crew members themselves, there were places in the hotels.

Against this background, the colleagues of the low-cost airline employees who were affected decided to support them by pretending to be sleeping in the departure lounge, which, according to the management of Ryanair, caused serious moral damage to the carrier’s reputation. Based on this fact, all six employees were forced to fire.