The child has ejected


Finished off with a catapult: 8-year-old Iranian boy smashed his head into the fighter's dome

8-year-old Iranian boy almost died, accidentally catapulting from a combat aircraft.

At the air show in Iran, the 8-year-old child, having had the opportunity to climb into the cockpit of the T-33A combat fighter, felt for himself what the ejection process meant. As it became known, the child was playing with a bailout handle, as a result of which he broke through the glass dome of the cabin and received the most severe injuries.

It is reported that the child received the most severe injuries, in particular, is aware of an open head injury, as well as numerous fractures of the arms and legs. At the moment, the child’s condition is assessed as extremely difficult, while the doctors have already performed the most complicated operations in order to save the boy’s life.

In the presented photo you can see that the body of the child and the pilot's seat broke the glass dome, which makes it possible to realize the force of the blow taking place during the ejection, and against the background that the child was clearly not prepared for this, it is a miracle that with such severe injuries managed to survive.

It is known that we are talking about a decommissioned fighter, while the organizers of the air show have not yet commented on the circumstances of the incident, nor does it remain unknown and why a fully functioning catapult remains in the decommissioned fighter