Destruction of the aircraft


The State Duma offered "to shoot down their planes without talking"

The appearance of American strategic bombers near the Russian borders could cause a conflict.

Against the background of how the American strategic bombers B-52 simulated a nuclear strike on various regions of the Russian Federation for the fourth time this week (Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Kamchatka Peninsula - ed.), First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Defense Alexander Sherin proposed to shoot down any aircraft that pose a threat without any warnings.

“Russia's response should consist in the minimum number of words and the maximum number of actions. Just silently, without talking, shoot down their planes if they violate the airspace. They are throwing bombers on the territory bordering on the Russian Federation, they give us some signs and signals. It is necessary to shoot down planes that violate the state borders or the airspace of Russia "- curled Alexander Sherin.

Among other things, experts point to the need for constant support of such aircraft, including in neutral airspace, as is done in the United States of America, even when Russian strategic bombers approach the distance 400-500 kilometers.

and what would you do if you deliberately violated the border of RUSSIA to meet with bread and salt?

I agree with you!

**** es special ... in violation of the air border shoot down on **** ... we can only passenger shoot down aircraft. And a military plane with a hundred km is the base distance for an attack. 4000 km.

I agree with you on all 100% ...

Well, well, yes ... You see, from afar, from the "smart" will.
Only you can, that on the couch lying to rant ...

Mie against airplanes? Survey locators do not see more than half of the territory of Russia and have large holes in the border areas.

One, I remember, shot down. The bad news is the USSR is an evil empire. The good news is the use of GPS. :)

It is necessary to shoot down violating planes under one condition - they must fall on the territory of Russia ...

If you violate borders without even thinking about it, if you do not want to get 1941 year. Otherwise, 45 of the year may not be already! The time has come: who will give the first one in the face and win, there will be no answer to whom and not when. Heaven and Hell is from the evil one.

Now SPRN sees all targets, and survey locators work around the clock. And the target data transfer system is now almost instantaneous. ))))))
Another thing is that this loquacious deputies should be put in the cockpit and run to shoot down the Americans over the Baltic. That was a circus!

we need first of all to test our EW complexes in practice, and using them in real conditions on our enemies is possible and useful for bringing our EW complexes to perfection.

Cho say you are very right. We need to fly more. And select the old locators for tracking, so as not to disclose combat.

Putin will never allow the American planes to be shot down. If Putin did not dare to bring down the Turkish fighter in response, Israel .. He will be sick from the fear of giving the go-ahead to decisive actions for the Russian pilots! Taki is the fool of our leader of all Russia!

there is nothing to accompany

How many in the State Duma sits like ... fight ... in!


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