Israeli Air Force


Israeli fighters do not reach Syria because of C-300

Israeli fighters twice a day rose to inflict airstrikes.

According to information appearing in the Israeli media, the Israeli Air Force fighter aircraft flew twice a day into the air to carry out missile and bomb attacks. According to some information, initially the Israeli Air Force intended to inflict airstrikes on a number of Iranian facilities in Syria, however, due to the presence of the Russian C-300 Favorit air defense system in this country, it was decided to attack objects of the Hamas movement in South Lebanon in the Gaza Strip.

The IDF command did not confirm the fact that the rocket-bombing attacks were supposed to be inflicted on the territory of Syria, but what exactly HAMAS facilities destroyed in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip are talking about, the IDF also decided not to comment.

“A bomb exploded in the sector, causing damage to the infrastructure of the Hamas security forces.”, - said in an official statement.

Analysts believe that the C-300 “Favorit” anti-aircraft missile systems that appeared in Syria’s arms created an obstacle for the Israeli Air Force, and therefore Israeli fighters and bombers find themselves within the radius of detection of these systems from the time they took off from military air bases, while As according to the latest data presented by the Israeli media, the Iranian military has stepped up its presence in Syria, ensuring its security with the latest air defense systems.

“Israel will try, by hook or by crook, to attempt to strike at the territory of Syria, proving that even the emergence in service of the Arab Republic of much more effective air defense systems cannot be compared with the military might of this country. Nevertheless, the IDF is aware that the probability of losing all the fighters taking part in such a strike is almost 100%. ”, - the expert emphasized.