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China on Russia: this army can defeat NATO with a minimum of losses

China highlighted Russia's highest military potential.

The Chinese publication Sina published an article in which military analysts pointed to Russia's greatest military power, stressing that no aggression is coming from Russia today, but if Russia and the North Atlantic Alliance decide to take a military conflict, Russia will be ready to demonstrate its true power.

"You are wondering why Europe and the US are afraid of Russia? Look at the exercises "East-2018", in which Russia demonstrated the ability to quickly destroy the enemy, providing a comprehensive work of all kinds of troops. These are just exercises, and Russia has much more opportunities than they can imagine in NATO ", - marks the Chinese edition of "Sina".

The PRC emphasizes that there are only a few countries in NATO that are ready to confront the Russian military machine, in particular, only Turkey, France, Great Britain, while all others countries unconditionally surrender already in the first hours of the military conflict, without risking being completely destroyed.

Earlier, experts from the American corporation "RAND" carried out research, during which they were able to establish that with probability in 95% Russia will be able to defeat NATO in the event of a military conflict, although the number of servicemen in the Russian army and armies NATO member countries are almost equal.