Airplane RC-135V


US Air Force aircraft seen in 30 kilometers from Crimea

An American reconnaissance aircraft was seen at 30 kilometers from the Crimean peninsula.

On the eve of the day, near the Kerch Strait, was seen an American military reconnaissance aircraft Boeing RC-135V, which carried out patrolling and reconnaissance near the border of the airspace of the Crimea. According to available data, the American reconnaissance aircraft approached the borders of the Crimea a distance of 30 kilometers, apparently monitoring Russian military bases and the bases of air defense and coastal defense systems.

Analysts do not rule out that the flights of the American military reconnaissance aircraft are associated with the entry of Ukrainian military ships into the economic zone of the Crimea, but it is rather not about any provocations or attempts to monitor Ukrainian ships, but with the need to check the combat readiness of Russian defense systems, the location of the Russian military, etc.

It should be clarified that Russian planes were not sent to escort and intercept the American military aircraft, however, given the fact that this case was not the first one over the past week, analysts have a lot of questions.