Harry Truman Strike Force


Aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" threatens Russia in Syria

The American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" will arrive to the coast of Syria in a week.

According to the latest data, the US carrier-strike group, led by the aircraft carrier Harry Truman, is moving to the Mediterranean Sea. According to unofficial data, the arrival of the US carrier group to the shores of Syria is scheduled for October 1, and although the goal of sending one of the largest American aircraft carriers to the Mediterranean remains unknown, according to independent analysts, along with the strike group, it will create a new threat to the Russia.

Against the background of aggravation of political relations between Russia and the United States on Syria, experts say that tension in military relations between the two countries in the Middle East has increased. Earlier, Russia had already talked about its intention to deal a massive blow to the positions of the US military in the east of Syria, while the United States warned of the readiness to strike Syrian government forces, which is very worrying.

"The United States can well deal a large blow to the Syrian military before the Idlib agreement (the disarmament issue of the militants - ed.) Is implemented. On the other hand, at the moment, Russian warships are stationed off the coast of Syria, the western part of the Arab Republic is fortified with modern air defense systems, and on the basis of "Khmeimim", according to the latest information, there are about two dozens of combat aircraft, which provides almost 100% USA", - emphasizes specialist Avia.pro.