Fighter Dark Sword


China spoke about its 6-generation fighter

The Chinese military told us what the newest fighter 6-generation will be capable of.

The recent public appearance of the Dark Sword fighter jet (Dark Sword), which has already ranked among a number of military aircraft of the sixth generation, pretty much shocked the world. This is due primarily to the fact that China was involved in the military aviation industry relatively recently, but was able to create a unique fighter, and in two different configurations - unmanned and manned, which may well be superior in their capabilities to Russian and American fighters.

In addition to the external appearance, this unique aircraft is virtually unknown, but the Chinese network publication Sina published an article by military analyst Ian Juan who spoke about the capabilities of this unique fighter.

According to the presented data, the relatively small dimensions of the "Dark Sword" fighter were not chosen by chance. This is due not only to the need to develop supersonic speed, but also with the need to provide low radar visibility, especially since the development of this aircraft used "stealth" technology. Small size fighter, according to the author, definitely affect the amount of weapons, but given the functionality of this aircraft, this problem should not lead to big problems.

From the data presented earlier it follows that the unmanned version of the fighter is controlled by artificial intelligence, but the author preferred not to comment on this issue, which, quite possibly, can indicate that unofficial information is true.

According to the military specialist, "Dark Sword" is perfectly protected from the electronic impact, and in fact, is subject only to powerful impulses, for the creation of which it will be required to deploy the enemy to a colossally powerful electronic warfare system.

On the other hand, today there is only an unmanned version of this fighter, but experts believe that the manned version is only a matter of time, and if the "Dark Sword" really proves itself, then China will be ready to spend a lot of money for this, which, however, quickly enough to pay back.

Unfortunately, to officially classify the fighter "Dark Sword" to the sixth generation is impossible, which is due to the fact that for today there are simply no requirements for such aircraft.

Without having a "school" in aircraft construction, great partners from the east decided to outdo all ... well, clearly a student should be better than a teacher ... only "the fifth" is seen by the "fourth" from Russia ... stepping wide ... panties will not tear! ?

To this we can add that the drone (in fact, the manned version is not yet available), has a high maneuverability