China: the Russian Su-35 is much better Su-57

According to Chinese experts, the Russian fighter Su-57 is not advanced enough.

Sina published a review of military analysts who compared two Russian fighters, the Su-35 and the Su-57. According to experts, the Russian generation fighter 4 ++ is more promising than the fifth-generation Su-57 aircraft developed relatively recently, and this is due to several reasons.

One of the reasons is the extremely high cost of implementing the fifth-generation fighter project, which already created a lot of problems for Su-57, in particular, experts drew attention to the fact that it was the expensive program that was the reason for India's refusal to cooperate with Russia.

The second key reason is the mass of questions about the effectiveness of the use of Russian fifth-generation fighters not only against the F-22 aircraft, but also against F-35. Analysts drew attention to the fact that the Pentagon is much more afraid of Russian Su-35, as these fighters not only surpass in their capabilities any 4-generation aircraft in the US Air Force, but are almost equal adversaries for American F-35 and F-22.

The third reason is the high cost of the Russian fifth-generation fighter, which can be a rather big problem for the Russian army, since the cost of taking these aircraft into service can be extremely high.

Thus, analysts believe that the Russian Su-57 does not have great prospects, at least for today.