US Air Force and Japan


China: Japan is already "rehearsing" the seizure of the Russian islands

Japan is preparing an invasion of one of the Russian island.

The Chinese news agency "East Day" reports that Japan is preparing to regain control of a number of Kuril Islands, which Russia currently belongs to a part of its territory. According to military experts from the People's Republic of China, Japan has already begun a “rehearsal” for the seizure of the islands, as evidenced by the recent statement by that country's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

According to the Chinese information resource East Day, at the moment Japan cannot claim to exert military pressure on Russia, which is due to a number of agreements as well as clauses of the Constitution of this country. Nevertheless, a few days ago, Shinzo Abe announced that he was ready to revise the Japanese Constitution with a view to optimizing it in order to increase the capabilities of the Japanese self-defense forces, with a view to retraining them into a regular army.

“Japan has enough combat aircraft, but in addition to its own forces, Japan may well enlist the support of the United States, which will be quite ready to take such a step to increase its influence on the planet.”, - says the publication.

Analysts do not exclude that the statements made earlier by Japan about the intention to oust Russia from the disputed islands have real prerequisites, but today, as well as over the next decade, Japan will not be able to fulfill the "promises", since this country cannot to bear with the Russian military might.

On the other hand, the East Day publication does not exclude that the invasion is being prepared not against Russia, but against China itself or Korea.

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Russo-Japanese War 1904 - 1945's.
The human toll of those killed and dead from wounds and diseases.
Russia / Japan.
1904-1905 Japan’s surprise attack on Russia. PortArthur-Manchuria.57 thousand / 135 thousand
1918-1922 Japanese occupation of the Russian Far East. No data found.
1918-1925 Japan captures Northern Sakhalin. No data found.
1938 The attack of Japan on the USSR. oz Hassan. 960 / 650.
1939 The attack of Japan on the MNR-USSR. Khalkhin-Gol river. 9,7 thousand / 25 thousand. Shot down 207 / 660 aircraft
1941-1945 Japanese aggression on sea routes with elements of the blockade of the eastern coast of the USSR / RUSSIA. Many Japanese merchant ships were sunk or captured.
1945 Final Allied Far Eastern Military Campaign of the USSR / RUSSIA. Sakhalin-Kuril-Manchuria. 12,5 thousand / 83,7 thousand Captive 600000 Japanese military, including generals.
Total killed in the war for the 1904-1945 of the year: 80160 / 244350 military. (excluding the significant losses of the Japanese army and the Russian local population during the Japanese aggression of 1918-1925)

Work out the scenario of the destruction of all Japanese islands? Airplanes will not return anywhere - only a smooth ocean ...

The humpback with the expansion of NATO was deceived and these thieves were deceived and our parents beat them out in 45, from there a lot of Russian blood was spilled

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The peace treaty of Japan with the United States did not prevent the first attack on Pearl Harbor! The islands are strategically important for Japan, because after they "take them" there will be US military bases there

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And the rhetoric is changing in Japan)) However, there is an experience of Svalbard. The island belongs to Norway, but under the contract the contracting parties have the right to engage in economic activity on it. The heat-loving Japanese will not want to live there, but surely they will work with us. In general, the darkest suggested a simple way to solve the most nasty problem, and then the Japanese would like to.

Only 5% of the population of Japan lives on the huge island of Hokkaido. there is no industry, no agriculture, only fishing and tourism ...
although I think that there will be a large number of Japanese people who want to move to the South Kuril Islands from nationalistic motives ... a few thousand probably will ... what they will do there is another question, most likely working in tourism, that's all. .. Russia is developing the island much better ..
that Japanese concerns investments in Siberia is nonsense. the Japanese do not want to give money for nothing, they want to get such a rate of profit, as with popups for beads .. many times Japanese investors were denied for specific projects out of financial incentives, in Russia and China were less greedy people.
so, in fact, Russia does not need Japan, Japan simply has nothing to offer Russia, and the stakes are high for Russia. These two islands will not cast doubt on Russian sovereignty over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, but there will definitely be an American base there.

Japanese propaganda deliberately turns the Japanese on, setting them against Russia. There are enough accusations of the USSR in the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It is necessary to troll them. Carry out a referendum in the Far Eastern regions on the subject of recognizing the islands of Honshu and Hokkaido on the subject of "historical" Russian lands. . And then the Japanese came and occupied, staged a genocide of the Ainu, settled their own. Lebensraum in Japanese, fascists.

Put the question like this, these islands of Japan, and Hokkaido and Honshu - in the Russian Federation, and through the 50 years to hold a referendum

The Japanese have nothing else to do, just to think about the islets. They are what Pindos ass shove?
Conditions still set. A peace treaty is a demonstration of good intentions, and they are happy with bidding. Who does not allow Japanese pensioners to the islands? Can they take Russian citizenship and live as much as they like, no one will force them to do plastic surgery? Let them consider themselves what they want. Just do not spy for the United States.
They need these islands for free access to fisheries, this is understandable. Are the Japanese adequate in such resource sharing? I am overcome by vague doubts. And if American ships appear there? We can put forward counter-conditions - close the American base in Okinawa for the Americans and look at their reaction. And make the islands open for mutual use. I see in the aspirations of the Japanese a craving for territorial expansion. They do not put a finger in his mouth. They will begin to taste, will begin to moan on the subject of Sakhalin. Further more, the contract will be broken, they will let the Pindos on the islands, they will install their missiles and submarine bases there. Nasty these Japanese, sick on the head.
And in general, all these "historical lands" (there are questions about this) are a dangerous precedent, digging into the depths of history will begin to revise the borders. But in WWII the Japanese surrendered what claims could be. The war is over, what replays? Will the Japanese bring back to life the Chinese and Koreans they slaughtered? Spit? And do not care about the islands. Centenary Horonies, understand, suffer.

It seems that the Japanese let themselves be full of diapers, he barely had the idea that a new bridge would really be built.
As for the fact that it will never pay off - what's interesting, are the Bulava missiles or nuclear submarines pay off? Or, first of all, is the fact of their presence important? I think about the same with the bridge to Sakhalin.

I believe that the Japs are a little beyond the limits of permissibility. And in the case of any aggression, it is necessary to conduct a preemptive strike on their military bases.