Yakutia Airlines


Chinese airlines are interested in buying shares of the company "Yakutia"

Chinese investors have offered the airline "Yakutia»To redeem 49% of shares.

The offer of Chinese investors is primarily due to the fact that not so long ago the Russian air carrier Yakutia was looking for possible shareholders and investors, which would help the airline develop and avoid various kinds of economic problems. At the moment, two Chinese carriers are interested in purchasing shares of the airline "Yakutia" - the state-owned airline Air China and private airline Hainan AirlinesHowever, it is possible that other companies will also be interested in Russian airline operators.

Currently, cooperation with Asian countries can be extremely beneficial for the airline "Yakutia", as these carriers are less dependent on the European and American currency, especially as it was announced on the eve that the Chinese economy outstripped the US economy.