“Around deception!”: Turkey declared disappointment with the purchase of Russian S-400

Turkey accused Russia of deceiving supplies of S-400.

Despite the fact that until recently, Turkey stated that the Russian S-400s were extremely useful air defense and missile defense systems, Ankara unexpectedly announced an open fraud with the supply of Russian S-400s. Data on this is provided by the Turkish information publication Yeni Akit.

Fraud should be understood as Russia's refusal to transfer S-400 systems technology to Turkey, and therefore, in this country they will not be able to establish the production of Russian air defense / missile defense systems.

“The delivery of the first batch of S-400 to Turkey took place in July 2019. The production and sale of the S-400 anti-aircraft missile system is overseen by the Russian state company Rostec ", - cites the translation of the article edition "ИноСМИ».

Nevertheless, the most striking position of Turkey is demonstrated by very sharp comments on Turkish users addressed to Russia.

Serdar: The Russians also beat us up. Around cheating!

Hassan: We have people who will guess the technology of these chimneys. Soon they will do it, and we will create our T-500 missiles ... The main thing is to understand how this is done ... Let the Russian bear think what will happen after that.

Vahap Kalongju: I always said and will repeat again: we ourselves must do it, and as soon as possible!

It should be clarified that the comments do not reflect the official position of official Ankara on this issue, however, earlier Turkey stated its readiness to buy another batch of Russian weapons, including the S-400 air defense system and the Su-35 fighter batch, in exchange for Russian technologies .

Specialists, in turn, note that such statements against Russia are completely unfounded.

“Firstly, there are no obligations in the concluded contract with Turkey (for technology transfer - approx. Ed.). Secondly, given the fact that Turkey is a member of NATO, the transfer of military technology is almost completely excluded. If Ankara doesn’t like something, then it can simply turn off the Russian air defense, ”the expert notes.

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The amateur’s publication, experts know that before selling weapons with technology, an agreement is signed, for example, such an agreement is with India in the framework of joint cooperation. Therefore, everyone understands in advance what they are buying.

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