Maarat al-Nuuman is liberated! Russian and Syrian troops knocked out terrorists from the largest city in Idlib

The largest city has been liberated in Idlib.

The belligerent disposition of the terrorists was instantly debunked by hundreds of Russian Air Force missile and bomb strikes, as a result of which the terrorists not only lost their defensive positions on the approaches to Maarat al-Nuuman, which is one of the largest cities in Idlib, but actually surrendered the city and its surroundings without resistance .

The night before, the Syrian army came close to the city of Maarat al-Nuuman, and after 16 hours completely cleared the militants, completely taking control of it. At present, the Syrian army’s armored forces are deployed in the city and on the approaches to it, while, according to sources, terrorists can plan a counterattack, however, given the presence of overwhelming forces of the Syrian and Russian army, the militants simply have no chance to oppose anything.

It was previously assumed that the city of Maarat al-Nuuman could begin to storm at the beginning of next month, and they took 2-3 weeks to storm, however, the terrorists were forced to capitulate and flee, thereby rendering virtually no resistance to the Syrian army.

According to the arguments of a number of senior officials in the Syrian army, the next city to be liberated will be Sarakib, located only 13 kilometers from the front line, after which a large-scale attack is planned in the direction of the Syrian highway M5.

Can anyone intelligently explain press releases about Aleppo? About him ten times have spoken. that he was released, that he was already cleared, and then what is fighting there, that he is occupied by militants ...?

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