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Moscow: Washington's military response will be overwhelming

Moscow warned Washington about the outcome of the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty.

Statement by US President Donald Trump about the readiness of the United States of America to unilaterally break the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles became the reason for the strongest resonance in society. This is being actively discussed not only in Russia and the United States, but throughout the world, since the decision of Washington may mean a new military race, in which the whole world will be drawn.

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, said that Moscow will immediately respond to the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty.

“It was repeatedly said from the Russian side that there are no grounds for the accusations that Russia allegedly violates this treaty. Then we will have nothing left but to take retaliatory measures, including of a military-technical nature. But I would not like to bring this up "- said Sergey Lavrov.

What specific measures are being discussed, so far remains unknown, but experts believe that Washington’s actions will immediately provoke the deployment of impact weapons in Russia, which will only increase Russia's military power and lead to cooler relations between Russia and the United States.

It should be clarified that John Bolton, US presidential adviser on national security issues, will arrive in Russia tomorrow, and most likely will clarify the US position on this issue.

Truly you say. NATO always manages to be the first to do what it was necessary to do to us, and then millions of people lie down with heroes correcting these mistakes with their blood !! Putin, wake up !!!

Destroy all NATO military satellites over Russia and immediately.

I suggest that the MVS RF destroy all military satellites hanging over the territory of Russia. After a convincing warning about this, the US will do it immediately or NATO will, as always, do it first. Do it before it is too late, and then again we will find ourselves in deep jo **.

And they also bought scalps of children, women, men of Indians.
Probably to the contract were stronger. Or was it just a genocide and total extermination of the indigenous people of America.
And what is the difference how they behave now in the Middle East, half a million lives is nothing.

The 371 treaty was entered into by the US government with the 1778 — 1868 Indians. In the end, broke from them ... everything. And then it simply annulled no longer recognizing the Indians as a party to the negotiations. As with these people, you can even negotiate what. They are in principle incompetent. By definition. Nobody knows the story or what? Are those who sit down with them to discuss and conclude agreements now?

This is a formidable statement in style, everyone violates and only the United States whites and fluffy piously, says only one thing. Trump has to drift towards the Democrats and, aggressive to his politics, some Republicans. Elections on the nose are elections to the Congress, the House of Representatives and deputies of the chambers of legislative assemblies. All his menacing rhetoric is designed for the American ear. Republicans need a victory so that Trump can carry out his course / party course /, in the case of defeat, he will be a clown, over whom not only Democrats will obey, but also Republicans themselves. The stakes are high, hence the rhetoric, and this is not the most frightening statements to Russia, because Americans choose, and Russians are "appointed". They have nothing to offer the Americans except the "Russian threat" is the only refuge of scoundrels.

how good it is to see the finally discarded masks and to hear, instead of lies, the pure truth — euro-and MUH — our ENEMIES
mortal enemies - and understand only POWER
it’s pointless to try to "like it" - it only remains to be strong

...: "Under the terms of the INF Treaty, the US decision to withdraw from the treaty will take effect in six months ..."
... no matter how you change your mind ...
and then they will start again .. you are there so wrong and there is no commercial means .. because this is your sanction ..
this contract gives nothing to anyone .. apart from political speculation

America is equated with the ocean, and the people do not give a shit about it and have it with them. white and red grab.