Hit a plane


Unidentified aircraft shot down over Syria

The militants said the plane was shot down over Syria.

According to some information that was at the disposal of the Avia.pro news agency, today, an unknown combat plane was shot down over the territory of Syria, by militants of one of the Islamist groups.

According to the data provided by Telegram, the Military Observer community, the militants claimed that they had shot down a certain plane over the province of Idlib. Currently there are no official confirmations of this data, however, it should be clarified that earlier both combat aircraft of the Syrian Air Force and combat aircraft of the Russian Air Force were seen above Idlib, taking part in strikes against the positions of militants and terrorists.

Any details of the incident are not disclosed, but experts draw attention to the fact that the militants have both anti-aircraft installations and portable anti-aircraft missile systems that have the ability to hit targets at significant heights.

There are no official comments on this score either from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation or from the Ministry of Defense of Syria, while earlier, the militants tried to repeatedly present fake information of a similar nature.