The delivery dates of Su-57 fighters to the troops are named

The head of the "UAC" named the date for the transfer of Su-57 fighters to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The Russian "United Aircraft Corporation" officially announced that in the near future the Russian Ministry of Defense will sign a contract for the delivery of the first batch of fifth-generation domestic fighters Su-57. In total, for the needs of the RF Ministry of Defense it is intended to supply 12 Su-57 fighters, which will strengthen the country's defense capability and reduce the risk of various external military threats.

As follows from the statement of the head of UAC, the delivery of the first batch of Russian multifunctional fighters of the fifth generation of Su-57 will begin already in 2019, and although the exact terms are not specified yet, analysts believe that it will happen by the beginning of the fourth quarter.

To date, it is known that the Russian combat aircraft 5-th generation has successfully passed all the required tests, and even took part in the performance of combat missions in Syria, that is, in fact, took part in the fulfillment of its main combat objectives and tasks. On the other hand, foreign experts do not share the great promise of the Russian combat aircraft, believing that it is almost identical to the 4 ++ Su-35 generation fighter.