Israel and Russia


Netanyahu did not want to meet with Putin

Benjamin Netanyahu did not want to meet with Putin.

Despite the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been insisting on meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin for several months, today he announced that he was postponing his visit to Russia for an indefinite period, although the actual meeting was to take place on February 21.

The Israeli media reported that the reason for canceling the meeting was the preparation for the elections, but analysts believe that in fact, the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit was considered undesirable in Russia.

“Netanyahu wanted to meet with Putin so much to discuss the future situation in Syria, but on the last day he decided to pay more attention to the upcoming Israeli elections? It is quite logical to assume that the meeting could have been canceled by agreement of the parties, since Israel, for the umpteenth time, contrary to the demands of Moscow, is delivering illegal attacks on Syria. ”, - the expert marks.

Among other things, analysts do not exclude that the reason for canceling the meeting in Moscow may be the preparation of Israel for new strikes on Syria, especially considering the fact that earlier Israel announced the discovery of an Iranian military warehouse near the Russian military bases in Lattakia.