Rocket Zircon


A thousand kilometers in 5 minutes: the president revealed the secret of the Zircon rocket

Russian hypersonic anti-ship missile "Zircon" will be able to destroy the NATO fleet in a few minutes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a message to the Federal Assembly, revealed important secrets of the Russian anti-ship hypersonic Zircon rocket, which in the West is considered "Russia's attempt to demonstrate its power." As it turned out, the Zirkon rocket can reach speeds in 11 thousand km \ h., And successfully destroy targets at distances of over a thousand kilometers - in fact, the distance in 1000 kilometers, this rocket will overcome only in 5 minutes, and the mass launch of such missiles allows completely eliminate the NATO fleet in minutes.

According to information provided by the Russian president, Zircon hypersonic missiles can be launched from both ships and submarines, and although Vladimir Putin did not specify the combat capabilities of this missile, according to analysts, it can easily destroy aircraft carriers.

“The mass launch of Zircon missiles makes it possible to destroy not only single enemy ships, but also entire carrier strike groups. Yes, they have excellent protection, but at the speed of Zircon in the 9 MAX, it is impossible to intercept it, not to mention the 2-3 strike dozens of similar missiles ”, - the analyst notes.

3 km / sec It is slow. TR-3B have an acceleration of 5 km per second per square meter.