The new batch of Yak-130 aircraft entered service in Russia

The next batch of Yak-130 airplanes was delivered to Russia.

The party of four Yak-130 combat training aircraft entered the armament of the Air and Space Forces of the Russian Federation. According to the source of the resource Avia.pro, the planes were sent from Irkutsk with an intermediate landing in Novosibirsk, while all the planes have already arrived at the sites of their permanent deployment and in the near future will begin to be actively used.

In total, the 103 training and combat fighter Yak-130 is in service with the VKS of the Russian Federation, however, taking into account the previously concluded contract, in the near future at least six aircraft of this model are planned to be transferred to the military department.

Ранее US military analysts highly appreciated the capabilities of Russian combat training fighter Yak-130calling them among the best in the world, which is primarily due to the broad functionality and the ability to train pilots of both fourth generation fighters and fifth generation fighters.

* Yak-130 is a Russian training and combat aircraft developed by the Yakovlev Design Bureau together with the Italian company Aermacchi for the replacement of training aircraft L-39 in the Russian Air Force.