Air Crash Investigation Air Asia


The official reason for the crash of the Airbus A320 called disabling on-board computer

The specialists named the official version of the crash of the airliner of the company "Air Asia".

Experts dealing with the decoding of flight recorders crashed on 28 December airliner Airbus A320 officially confirmed the version of the fall of the aircraft due to malfunction of the onboard computer. Literally 40 minutes before the crash, the pilots of the aircraft turned off the computer, and a few minutes before the crash, they left their cabin.

As a result of the technical and human factors, there was a loss of control of the aircraft, and the aircraft crashed into the water at great speed.

The causes of the breakdown of the on-board computer are currently being studied in detail, however, it is important that the pilots of the aircraft did not report the incident to the air traffic controller, which could probably prevent the crash and death of 162 people.