Airline Qantas


About 400 flights of the company "Qantas" went to an emergency landing due to time coordination

The “second of coordination”, added to the global time, caused difficulties for a number of airlines.

The so-called time adjustment, which occurred on the night of 30 June on 1 July, caused problems in the work of the Australian company "Qantas», In view of which, the leadership of the air carrier has forcedly sent more than 400 of its flights to land. Previously it was assumed that the additionally entered second of time would not affect the work of the air carriers, however, the Australian operator decided to prevent possible risks of failure of the onboard systems and computers.

However, delays during flights of flights occurred, however, they became very insignificant - Qantas experts had foreseen this situation in advance, and therefore, the maximum inconsistency of arrival was only about 40 minutes.