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The pilot of "Air China" decided to "air" the plane, opening the window leaf

The pilot of "Air China" almost did not arrange a plane crash.

13 July, the passenger airliner of the air carrier "Air China", flying from Hong Kong to Dalian, almost crashed due to the depressurization of the cabin. According to Chinese information resources, during the flight, the second pilot of the passenger liner Boeing 737 decided to use an electronic cigarette, but because of the smoke in the cabin, without thinking about it, opened the window, which led to a sharp depressurization of the cabin of the aircraft.

As a result of the incident, the crew of the passenger airliner had to sharply reduce the flight altitude to the level of three thousand meters. By a fluke, none of the people on board the aircraft was hurt, but later, in social networks and on the forums, passengers wrote that they had a bad headache and hearing.

Despite the incident, the crew of the passenger airliner decided to continue the flight to Dalian, although according to the available instructions, the aircraft had to land at the nearest airport.

The leadership of the Chinese air carrier has already begun to investigate this incident.

What "window" did he open? He tried to turn off the recirculation, but turned off the PACKs. Depressurization was slow, not "harsh", etc.

"Only not the" Volga ", but three rubles, and not in a lottery, but in a domino, and did not win, but lost."


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