US Air Force Pilot


US Air Force pilots faced unforeseen problems in Syria

The US Air Force has a serious problem in Syria.

The American edition of The Wall Street Journal, citing a source in the US Department of Defense, reports that the US air force conducting operations in the Syrian Arab Republic against the militants of the Islamic State (ISIL, a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.), faced with a serious problem - blinding lasers from the ground.

As follows from the information provided, during the performance of combat missions at night, pilots of combat aircraft increasingly faced cases of dazzling laser pointer, which creates a danger to the crew of fighters, bombers and military transport aircraft.

The Wall Street Journal reports that in 2017 alone, over 400 attempts have been made to dazzle American pilots, and although some incidents have been avoided, at any rate, there are no official statements on this matter, experts believe that US pilots are in great danger.

Experts point out that it is very difficult to protect themselves from laser dazzle, especially at night, and any such incident can easily lead to catastrophic consequences.

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