C-400 Turkey


After buying C-400, Turkey was thrown into billions

Turkey decided to "throw" billions after buying Russian C-400.

It became known that after the start of deliveries to Turkey of the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems C-400, Turkey decided to throw almost 2 billion dollars. It is reported that we are talking not only about the United States of America, which prohibited Turkey from selling fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets, but also about Great Britain, which has currently stopped the supply of engines for Turkish attack helicopters T-129 ATAK, for which Turkey has also paid .

The UK has not received any official comments on this matter yet, however, Turkish media reported that Turkey demanded that the UK fulfill its obligations, for which payment in the amount of "millions of dollars" has already been made, because of violations of agreements , the production of combat helicopters is experiencing problems.

Specialists do not exclude that as a result of such actions by the allies of Turkey, the latter may be in a very difficult situation, since the production of attack helicopters will be stopped, and the amounts previously paid will not be returned to Ankara.

It should be clarified that Washington stated that sanctions against Turkey will be introduced at the end of this week, while it is possible that the UK will also join in the imposition of sanctions.

Turkey is a member of NATO and is included in the Russian Union, and as a third world country, it is twisted on a buoy ...

Look at your passport and origin, and do not kindle the situation.

Scarecrow pea, what are you talking about? The Kremlin said - the Kremlin did. This is the most "mighty" power of the world, except for the tongue to grind, can not do anything. She has the most rusty tanks in the world, the most what there planes in the world, taken out of production for almost ten years or poorly able to fly F-35, or B-52 with engines falling off in flight and with the most idiotic idiots tearing back behind Pindostan.

... the word of the Kremlin is hard as pea pea! When and how many times failed? BUT?

Any power has always been selling. This is not the case, but in politics. and this policy is such a "goddess", which sacrifices much more than the lives of several people. For the sake of her damned, whole nations and states were sacrificed, and not long ago.

They will not block anything. they will pull out and put a BIG and THICK gas pipeline, and then everyone will try to quickly forget this shame and shame ... as they say in words I am LEFT THICK, but in fact X. simple

In Turkey, not fools! All hundred times counted! The main thing that the Kremlin did not disappoint ...

Nothing of the sort ... As you quickly and easily sell the memory of your fellow countrymen ... After the downed Russian plane, there was so much noise, but now everyone has forgotten and forgiven. Okay, you have your own corrupt interests in power, but why are you so actively singing along with Turkey?

And what's the point of living differently, if all the same words in relation to the power of Russia to their people ... the Russians have long accepted these concepts as a fully justified standard of living

You can't live in another way. You have "thrown", "shod", "washed", etc. - normal "life" phenomena. Only this "life" is in your head and nowhere else. Do not believe me, ask Professor Preobrazhensky.

Turkey received the key to the gas hub - it can pump billions out of it, and all sanctions against it will pay off

Predictions Paisiya: Turkey will be destroyed by its allies. For some reason, this video is blocked everywhere. And everything goes to that.

Turks will block the pipeline from Canada to the USA? <= 0 (

they will return everything and they will kiss in dupu enough to declare that they leave NATO and conclude an agreement with Russia

Turkey "sits" on a very important waterway, the movement of which can block for "well-wishers", inventing a plausible excuse. About this, we should not forget those who try to take Turkey by the throat. As they say: saying "A", do not be "B." Turkey has already said its "A" and was not afraid of the States.