Mexican in Russia


Arrived: a football fan accounted to his mother

Mexican football fan reported to his mother about the arrival in Russia.

Mexican traveler and football fan Jonathan Quinones, arriving at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, notified his mother that he was fine with a large poster that says “Mom, I'm fine” (“Mom I ' m Fine "). The 27-year-old traveler told that once he got tired of everything, as a result of which he quit his job and went to other countries, however, so that his mom didn’t worry, he regularly sends her regards to her in such an original way, trying to get into the news stories and reports from mass events.

"I have to do so that my mother does not worry. There is nothing special about this. I flew to Russia, which is very far from Mexico, and immediately reported on my arrival ", - said Jonathan Quinones.

It should be clarified that several hundred thousand fans from various parts of the world arrived at the World Cup in Russia, while experts believe that this will definitely raise the performance of domestic air carriers and significantly increase the interest of foreigners to the country.