9М729 rocket


The 9М729 rocket became a reason for frequent flights of the American aviation near the Crimea

The Pentagon is trying to find the position of the "terrible" Russian 9М729 rocket.

Since the beginning of this year, American reconnaissance aircraft has performed several dozen flights near the Russian borders near the Crimea. The purpose of these flights is still unknown - according to some data, Triumph’s C-400 complexes are a big attraction for the Pentagon, while others are trying to get objective information about Russia's military potential in this region, but analysts did not rule out that the Russian 9М729 rocket will also become the rocket that Washington believes violates the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles.

“Crimea is not only one of the most protected regions of Russia, but it is also closest to the borders of NATO. Obviously, the US is trying to establish whether Russia could place its 9М729 missiles here, which even at the stated range of 490 kilometers, could easily strike at military bases in Bulgaria and Romania, and also completely destroy all warships in the Black Sea ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that, to date, none of the American military aircraft and unmanned reconnaissance vehicles violated the airspace of the Russian Federation, and in the slightest attempt to approach the borders of Russia at an unsafe distance, combat fighters are sent to intercept.

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