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Russia could erase half of Europe because of the error of the Spanish pilot

The error of the Spanish pilot could provoke the Third World War.

Military analysts from various parts of the world are actively discussing the recent incident that occurred in Estonian airspace, when a pilot of a Spanish Air Force fighter jet accidentally fired a missile at the side of Russia. Someone makes fun of the stupidity of the Spanish Air Force, someone points to unprofessionalism, but there is an assumption that such an incident could well lead to the beginning of the Third World War.

Where exactly the military missile fired by the Air Force fighter of Spain fell, so far it remains unknown, but given the fact that the missile was fired from Estonia's airspace, the NATO country, Russia could well perceive it as an aggressive measure, and inflict a massive blow, and not only in Estonia, but in fact, in just a few hours, erase half of Europe from the continent.

“The cold relations between Russia and the West are just“ flowers ”compared with the fact that an air-to-air combat missile was launched in the direction of Russia. The Spanish pilot could easily earn money on “berries,” since the North Atlantic Alliance is a key opponent of Russia, and the launch of a combat missile is an aggressive measure. In the event of aggression, no one will figure out whether it was an accident, a provocation or an open attack - massive rocket and air strikes in Europe, at least we are talking about Estonia - this is not an invention at all, but a reality that NATO could face. ”, - marks the military analyst Avia.pro.

It should be clarified that the situation is greatly aggravated by the fact that the Baltic countries are actively strengthening the presence of NATO in their territory, which only adds to the fact that any aggressive actions against Russia could result in unleashing a military conflict.

While the children of our leadership are studying abroad. Money is in the same place, we will be wiped and take noodles from the media. Nobody wants war. Nobody likes it, but sometimes they were happy in the USSR, they did not respect but were afraid.

Do not try to judge about what you do not understand frankly. There is no technical backlog. Is it only quantitative but it is easily leveled.

Well, to whom is Russia lying? It will not be able to erase the floor of Europe with such technical lag, at best Voronezh will be bombed. Technically, Russia is thirty years behind Europe. The quality of weapons is low, even the Indians refused to buy, all these lyalyalki about destroying the floor of the world - for domestic hanging noodles on the ears. In fact, everything with the army is very shitty, there are no new technologies, there are cartoons seven years ago, where cones to Florida fly and frames from mobile games.

Well done I totally agree in us constantly spit and we get lost

Can Iskander accidentally start up Estonia?

Show at least one document or video where Turkey has been screamed ???

Nothing would have happened! We would erase anybody! During active hostilities on the Donbas, how many flew from there to our territory? Answer frustrated and make a terrible face!

And ours also did not prochuhali

Was it "accidental"? Under this kind of run on the present, checking the reaction of Russia, how she will take it. The military expert would reply that there are no accidents, this is a real provocation, a test for lice.

well done Lyudmila correct words, as usual in the words of the hero, but just for the trifles, which are looking for excuses. So, Russia gets it all the time or makes it up for the smb.

This rocket is not dangerous - air-to-air class. She is shot by planes and the most important thing is to get into the enemy's plane. Being accidentally launched into milk, it can not cause harm and only wasted equipment lost.

With the Turks - another matter. Russia could respond in different ways, but chose the most appropriate response, forced Turkey to apologize and admit it was wrong. In the future, such conflicts with the Turks did not arise, which greatly helped in the fight against terrorists, who were the main enemy.

The people of Russia, first of all, have a sense of dignity and another's stupidity (an accidentally launched missile) is a humiliation for NATO, and not for Russia. That's why they talk and talk there, but we do not pay attention.

The third world war out of this just will not work. Even if it comes to the crisis, the West will not risk its welfare and once again merge its allies, which they pledged to protect.


And here's what's interesting for me: the Turks shot down our pilot, who only a minute was over the territory of Turkey, and even colorfully photographed it all. BUT: the Turks did not shoot down an unidentified aircraft that had recently flown next to ours over the Black Sea (this case was described quite recently). In Israel, my aunt shot down a Syrian plane, which also was a couple of minutes in the zone of Israel - the whole world admires. I do not call for war at all, but I have a question: a rocket is launched from Estonia, and what are we? She was not shot down - they can not find him. The situation is very similar to the one when the pilot landed on Red Square. Where is our air defense? And if it was a real war?

Russia is big and good for any bomb space is enough, a patient and unpretentious people will survive any deprivation and humiliation.

I think it would not lead to war since Turkey and Ukraine were getting away with everything

Completely support you!

Oh well, as always would have forgiven them, like Turkey, the destruction of the Russian Su-24 in Syria.

It's terrible!
Immediately demand the adoption of a UN decision on the mandatory inspection of all military units and equipment located near the borders of the Russian Federation, for which purpose a control commission should be set up from among the military forces of Russia and the deputies of the State Duma!

No one would be wiped off the face of the earth by a random or specially issued missile. Now, if the pieces 10-20 simultaneously flew to the borders of the Russian Federation then it would be possible to speak about serious consequences for Estonia but not more than that.

Are you of course on a white horse and in gold armor? TE Not the cattle?

In the kitchen, she has nothing to do, she also can not do anything there

It's you in vain, everyone will die, both the poor and the rich, otherwise the third world war would have already begun long ago ...

Cattle and carousels again put GDP in power for the next 6 years, unfortunately ...

The whole world, in the future, will be divided into the power of the rich and poverty of the poor. No Russians and Americans, Christians and Muslims, Communists, capitalists, have super rich power and a flock that milk. The rest of the confrontation is a lie.

Again, Russia saved Europe, and indeed the US?

It's good to argue when you do not understand the subtleties in military policy. You probably forgot about the story when our Mom without the Crew flew to a part of Europe which was already in NATO members by that time. And there are a lot of such stories in any countries of the world.

I also think that this was a directed provocation ....

In vain in Europe they were alarmed! While in Europe, business, money, real estate and the families of Russian oligarchs, massive missile air strikes it does not threaten!

This is a test ball, did not say anything, wait for the next one. My opinion was, it was necessary to gather all the mid-diners of the coalition and put everyone in a pose, the next time the missile would fly to Russia would not reach it, the fact that the missile would be launched towards Russia, with subsequent consequences familiarized in a tough form, and not wait as in the forty-first, they are in full swing preparing for war, we are like in a cartoon about the cat Leopold.

And no one of course thought about deliberate provocation? An interesting accident, however ... In stupid euro-brains.


damn it, to the point

And do not they now scream that the victims are They?

the funniest thing is that before the sprats did not reach, they could only remain in the memories and the fools from Spain were replaced by the Portuguese. Balts are masochists, however.

That's about the people for sure!

agrees. And then in whom to shoot there wives and children of all the aligarchs

Retirement age is the problem? You better watch yourself and your health.

Dear, with this approach, it is possible to talk about the perspective of a pension will be irrelevant!

There is a distraction for all sorts of fakes, in order to divert the retirement age from the main problem!

the only adequate commentary is the rest or children or, to put it mildly, poorly informed

Come on. Turkey has not been erased. Vaughn, even ... Russia can erase only its own people today.

There would be no "beginning". And this "pill" would swallow, and smugly smile. And they would call it fun from "our partners"! Khokhly, won, shot down 2 passenger aircraft and did not take an ear with a snout. And our belittles are small and faded.

Oleg, and if you are shot not with a pistol but with a slingshot, in the eye, you will also think that this is not a shell, not a bullet, but a stone or a pellet, but they shot at you. ????

The Amers in Syria also thought like you, and in Georgia they thought so in 2008. And as the "Calibers" flew from the Caspian Sea, they immediately realized that how much, and after two rocket attacks in Syria under 170 "the smartest and most beautiful" missiles from which 4 / 5 flew to where they were going, raised howl about Russian EW stations.

esteemed your kamentas and I laugh all here the gods of war and great striages you yourself then read what you write?

Do you even imagine the size of the rocket air air, range, power ... overslept ... such goats are not tracked ... and harm will be applied only if by chance ... at least they would be revered for something .. and then babbling

This military expert who is quoted by the author clearly exaggerates because more than confident that our military were aware of the exercises, this time, and secondly because of one missile, the Third World will not start. If the volley would be massed, then the reaction would follow immediately, but one rocket released into our line immediately makes it clear that the mistake was made and no more.

Do you think that the military is so stupid that because of one conventional missile to launch a nuclear arsenal into battle? I laughed. No one in a real attack will not fire a conventional air-to-air missile. At the beginning of the attack, thousands of high-precision missiles will fly, and then a decision will be made about the retaliatory strike.

Come on, you. You can wipe the rotten EU off the face of the earth any day.
Here we must do everything according to the mind, wait a little. As Stalin was waiting in 41.
To no longer any of the govnarey had a reason to scream "they first started" and "we are a victim here."

Here are some of you, as you dumb heads sit in Europe (nato). The response will not be in Spain, but over the territory with which the missile was fired.

So they would let an arm in Spain, so that they would think the next time before launching the missiles.

So it was necessary to erase, and then some conversations ...

Yes, you read such comments ..... and you can draw conclusions, no, not about our citizens - they live without paying attention to squeals. clangs and other howls ... both from the side of the western and the internal "warriors". Everyone is so impatient to say his word, competent ... ha ha ha. All such specialists - zashibis! "Should have been answered," "they did not answer because they were sold!". Everyone in the room number 6 with the song of Vladimir Semenovich! Oh, it's Kanatchikova's dacha. Step march!

It's frightening that the Russian military overslept it. Or just no longer than it was to notice?
One propaganda for TV Russia.

Oleg - You're done!

It's time to understand that today's legacy of performers and appointees will never respond to the challenges of the owners ... because the roots come from the enemy of Russia, Yeltsin, who sold the country in 1991 year, the US, etc ...

It's time to understand that today's legacy of the performers and appointees will not ever respond to the challenges of the owners ... because the roots come from the enemy of Russia, Yeltsin, who sold the country in 1991 year to the USA, etc. ...

Die earlier, cotton! And our local ghouls have given up the rocket to the rocket for a long time.

Shurik is a quitter. It is necessary to work and not to look into other people's pockets.

More than one general or marshal of Russia will not give 100% assurance that the missile is released by chance. It's a fork on the water pisano.Then there is another question. And where is the adequate response of the Russian Armed Forces? It turns out that an attack on Russia is considered a blow to Moscow. The rest of the territory, so, the NATO test site.

System "perimeter" from one rocket will not work

The rocket already hit us, and not only one, even a man died, it seems a year or two ago, to the Rostov region, from Ukraine and nothing, if I'm not mistaken.

If the rocket fell in the Baltic swamps, you also had to answer?

Not the gut is thin, but the mind works well, and you can see with the gyrations problem

since the Russian authorities keep their savings in the west, the west can shoot rockets every day on the territory of Russia, Russia has long been sold, it's time to admit this

apparently, we do not have any protection from the West except the bravado of our generals. if the rocket was released and who would not have to deal with this incidentally or specifically why did not this terrible massive blow to half of Europe as written in the article? Here 2 option or our gut thin to respond. or ours simply have nothing to answer.

roofing, to call a foolish person offended, but to a smart one you will become proud. Did you realize that you wrote it yourself? "dead hand" from the word dead, that is, when the living have the right to make a decision is not at all. Not at all . This is when the war has already come to its logical conclusion. Automation can not start wars, but can successfully finish them. Learn to roofing.

I would approve the response of our air defense forces to the targets and targets to which the rocket was fired from! And sooner or later it will happen, because Nato is a collective farm, where there is no real command. Each of you imagines yourself so steep .... What's terrible to watch.

Everything repeats, as in 41. Then everyone expected something. And here we wait.

Probably there was no mistake. The rocket on the territory of Russia, as it was intended. The rest is all for cover.

The worst thing is that the "dead hand" system is deployed. This is an automated response system. The war would be automatic.

Yesterday read a comment from our Estonian brothers. Type-it's nice to hear Russian whine ... How they can not wait to become a small pawn in someone else's game! And if the rocket reached our territory with all that it implies? Aggression from NATO / OTAN? Why these podnachki?

I hoped that they would do so

Drink less. You will live

Valery (I do not know your patronymic) it seems that you look at old age in a lot of Hollywood movies with special effects such as the Day of Judgment, the apocalypse and, 2012, etc., you tie it and see the diamond arm, etc., etc. Well, like that ...

Rightly said.

During the USSR, provocations by the US and the Union often ended even with the death of the pilots, but this strangely did not lead to the unleashing of a full-scale war. Correctly it's not about provachatsii

Errors have always been, are and will be. The more complex international relations, the more mistakes and provocations. Malice is important here! World War II, World War II did not begin with provocations, which also took place, namely, with the malicious intent of provocateurs. But malice and provocation are two big differences. Therefore, "do not give in to panic - organize to save yourself" ...

We have always been patient, it will remain. All forgive, then money, then attack. Yes we are poor, but we are proud, yes we are half-asleep and we tolerate slaps from the right and left, but strong in spirit ... Soon we will be less and until retirement I do not expect to live with our policy

I agree with you on all 100

Both Europe and the United States can sleep peacefully. We will never strike them, because the money of our officials is in foreign banks. Children living abroad also live abroad. Who will shoot at them? But we are not completely protected. Thought is not mine. It has long been on the Internet.

"next time we will shoot down over the territory of Estonia." And what, this time it was possible over the territory of Russia? She did not even fly to that direction. We need to look for facts, not read propaganda.

I'm waiting for an atomic attack from 45. Imagine, I'm a child of seven years, the child quite often dreamed. Bud, then I go out onto the balcony and .... blinded by the brightest flash. And now, at the end of life, everything is new. And here on the TV screen that some heig, a downed pilot with gray eggs ready for feasting earthworms continues to tease me on his crazy tribesmen. I'm sorry that I did not manage to spray this bastard in Vietnam. And how they threw their awards for Vietnam and how the clinton climbed out on these promotions. Fu, filth.

Yes, no one in Russia against Europe, and even more so against the United States or when will not perform, it is for the public game or the United States checks the nerves.

It was not a mistake, but the first test of the reaction of the Russian Federation. Issued in the direction of the Russian Federation with the calculation, so as not to fly.
Next time it will fly, but it will fall on the edge. And the future will depend on the reaction of the Russian Federation.

Carl, you'd better keep quiet. For a clever man would descend.

Nonsense, Russia will not be due to a mistake in the panic of someone bombing, information and the situation is checked from dozens of sources.

The bosh is incredible. Two years ago, the NATO country of Turkey SAVED a Russian military aircraft. So what??? Forbid the import of tomatoes? EVERYTHING, what the whore can do.

I think, even if the missile fell on our territory - there would be no military response, and the expert's words - just bluff and bravado.
We already had an example when another NATO member country purposefully, and not accidentally, shot down our military aircraft that was carrying out the combat mission and there was no military response - the tomatoes were also banned.

Yes, we have the leadership, pissed, in Russia, even though 100 people would have died there was no answer, it was necessary to show a place for a geyron, and they crap!

Dwarf, what do you all whine about in chorus about the deployment of our missiles on our borders? But this is only good news for us. You must see that we, too, do not sleep and see what Estonian-Spanish soldiers are doing there.

It is a pity that they did not erase, such a good reason was ...

Authors MATCH PAINT in this incident. OUR Government, most likely, would BEGIN ALL ACTIONS FROM INQUIRIES AND HARMONIZATIONS WITH EUROPE (all the same the PRICE of Europe is higher than the USA! BY THE STATES WOULD BE DID NOT REMAIN)!

Carl, you're just a stupid boy, if Russia responded to this provocation, you would not have to "shine" with the mind ...

Karl is just a narrow-minded person. He saw the REAL airplane and is happy as a child. And he thinks that only paper airplanes in Russia have plywood rockets. Silly ..

Come on, what an accident that would launch a missile must first be aimed at the target, turn off the fuse, launch, and this 3 action at least, or just dropped it, but also this is all specifically done

Conclusions have already been made, and do not doubt more than the right ones. It was necessary too, to miss out on the spot, and then bow with unintelligible eyes, saying that the sori were a little bit mistaken. How would you then reason? Yes, they howled - if Russia attacked the peaceful and tolerant Baltic states. A very relevant anecdote about those who are so afraid of the attack of the Russian Federation. "G de - something something rustled. One cowboy asks the other, "What was that?" To him answer: Yes this elusive Joe. What really can not catch? Why, for a long time - would have been caught, only to hell do you need it! "But if Joe starts not to rustle, but type," make mistakes "... Patience is also not unlimited in the peaceful and friendly Russian bear. With brains it is desirable to be friends, if they are of course available.

Woman, your place in the kitchen!

Well, well. Oh, Moska, she's strong, because she's barking at the elephant.

Estonia was lucky that it borders on Russia, not Israel. Once again, they would receive a massive blow in response. Israel will not understand why the missile flew to them, immediately in response to the blow.

а.вы уверенны.что было ошибка.чересчур naive so об.яснять.пилот has mixed buttons-it for лохов об.яснения.

And what are we waiting for? As long as they strangle the sanctions? Would they turn the whole story over and set someone else on? US cornered. SURPRISE. The fight is inevitable. And if so - it is necessary to FIGHT the FIRST. By nuclear power plants, hydroelectric power stations, along the volcano Yeloston ...... There is no other.

Again we clicked the rocket launching towards our border !!! Where are the vaunted systems for determining the launch of missiles from NATO territories? Why are not our planes alerted? Where is the note of protest from the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation and the warning that the next time we will shoot down over the territory of Estonia, until it reaches us? And if this is a nuclear charge, will we look where it will fall? Or our missile defense on the stern, just did not bring it to us? I hope for the last.

Tyu! Do you hear yourself? I do not feel sorry for my country. Because of the error of starting a war ... Fu.

It's unfortunate that there are such close people as Karl. In Russia, a large part of the population, for a long time nothing is afraid, we have been waiting for many years for a nuclear or chemical or neutron attack from the side of the probable enemy. We are just ready for this, used to it. What kind of whining are you talking about? But the likelihood of a retaliatory strike, this is reality. It's good that we are calm, otherwise we could arrange a future with fright only for cockroaches.

They do not teach Russian any more)))) where will he be taught?

Russia can also demolish the world's floor in a matter of hours, if necessary. They do not whine, but act according to established norms. The weapons that the media say are usually obsolete, there are more terrible weapons in Russia.

Strange these Baltic Chukchi: Estonians made bricks with bricks, they banned the flights, while the servants of the Euro-kolkhozs were whined by Russia. It would be interesting to see if the rocket jerked in the woods on the territory of Russia: I think that from the piled bricks, the Great Wall of China can easily be built ...

It's nice to hear and whine of Russia. They can say what they want, but they see that real combat aircraft fly in Estonia, with real ammunition, in real readiness. All this is just good news.

In panic because of the accidental release of the rocket, it is not worth it. It's not a mistake that he does not do anything. With technology - with any technique - this happens. It will be a pity if the wrong conclusions are drawn from this incident (for example, if the rules for staying in Estonia's airspace are toughened, ammunition is prohibited, some new rules and restrictions are established, etc.).

This nonsense tell the story ..

In their villas and cottages ...
Go Russian language

as if by accident .... the big question ... get used to the Russians to accidents ... so that at one time ... at once from all sides ......

Aha! What a fool will be beating rockets at his villas and cottages!

Crap, maybe in the government and "stupid," but not so much that because of an accidental rocket to demolish and their country - and not just half a Europe ... "Kursk" was sunk - it somehow cost


Best in the world of aviation