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Russia begins to shoot down civilian aircraft violating the border

The Russian military was allowed to shoot down civilian aircraft violating the Russian border.

The Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, signed a decree according to which the Russian military will now have the right to shoot down civilian aircraft that violate the country's borders. It is allowed to shoot down civilian airliners without warning if the latter refuse to comply with requirements, do not respond to requests, etc.

“The decision to destroy the offending vessel will be made if there is information about the absence of passengers on it,” the text of the document published on the official Internet portal of legal information says. The decree also determines the conditions under which it is possible to use weapons to kill - according to them, the intruder continues to fly inland to Russia or to the most important objects of the state- сообщает Russian edition of "".

It is not known who exactly will decide on the fire destruction of civilian violating aircraft, however, experts believe that the decision itself will be carefully worked out, since violation of the borders of the Russian Federation can be quite justified.

Usual actions for a civilian aircraft that does not fulfill the requirements to change course. Our fighter shoots at an airplane engine that has 2 engines, there is no reaction, it shoots at another. He will sit down without the help of a fighter. If there are 4 engines in an airplane, they all take turns shooting back to ignore the requirement to change course and landing of the intruder is ensured .....


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