Complexes C-300


Russia delivered to Syria not C-300, but C-400 analogues

The Russian ZRK, delivered to Syria, have long-range missiles.

According to the experts of the publication “Al-Alam”, Russia could supply the modernized C-300 “Favorit” air defense system to Syria, which has the capabilities of the C-400 “Triumph” air defense systems. Analysts believe that the ZRK delivered to Syria have new radar equipment and more long-range missiles, which makes these complexes virtually indistinguishable, in terms of combat use, from the Triumph S-400.

“We remember the statement of the Minister of Defense of Russia when he announced the start of deliveries of C-300 missile systems to Syria, confirming that their range exceeds 250 kilometers. This allows us to assert that the characteristics of the Syrian version are better than even the later version of the complex - C-300PM-2. This applies not only to the combat radius, but also to other characteristics, such as changing the course of the rocket during the flight to counteract another more dangerous target than it was supposed at the time of launch, and the possibility of using certain ammunition designed for C-400 systems. ”- analysts believe the publication "Al-Alam".

According to experts, it is with this fact that statements are being made that the Russian C-300, delivered to Syria, will be able to destroy and the “invisible” aircraft.

“Due to the fact that C-400 missiles differ from their predecessors C-300PM-2, they are capable of destroying all types of air targets, namely cruise missiles, small-sized airplanes and all types of combat aircraft, including“ stealth aircraft ”»- notes the Iranian edition.

As far as this information is true, for the time being it remains unknown, however, earlier it was reported that the Syrian complexes have not yet been put on alert.


On the Armed Forces of Russia there are no C-300 or C-400 analogues. Russia is armed with C-300 and C-400 systems. Analogs of these complexes are available from our "partners"

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I would like to look at those drones that carry EW tools. Highly. Only probably I won't be in time ... they will be immediately destroyed. Those with-300 with secure channels. And for the trifle take shell and Tunguska. To see drones breaking through the veil of lead Tungusok. How many are willing to send? 30-40? Although what am I talking about? This nonsense will not write Israel. And it is unlikely that a blow will decide something. Netanyahu is not a stupid man. He does not need escalation. He will find another way to solve the problem. Not the method of destruction with-300

K 123kg. Probably the Academy of General Staff finished once such conclusions are issued. Directly special tactics of air defense troops. and where are you such clever people come from? Wikipedia probably read it.

Yes, no one to break through the air defense bombers does not count. This is only for local generals' couchs. A swarm of smart drones will fly instead. 30-40, yes maybe 50 of them will be shot down C-300,400, covering their shell, the rest will smash them when they run out of ammunition or (which most likely will happen) if they simply do not have time to carry out all the drones (too many "targets") . Plus misses (and they always are). In short, by the time the bombers enter the air defense field of operation, the air defense will already be inactive there. By the way, "EW" is not only in Russia. I am sure there will be drones that will block the frequencies of the radar, and there will be those that are depicted by fighters and bombers. so, knock down something, but not all, or more precisely, not those :)

All your advertising of the American "super" weapon breaks into hysterical requirements for Turkey to abandon the purchase of С400, otherwise it will not deliver the previously ordered F35.
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The hysteric betrays the fear that Turkey, having received both, will know what F35 is capable of under the conditions of C400. And behind it, and others.

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With a squeak, but recognized the fact that the radar systems of the C-300 and 400 still detects these "invisible" and can accompany them.
It is also true that the radars of the missiles themselves have less capabilities due to the small antenna aperture. Those. The radar of the complex sees the target, but the rocket itself does not. Well, then there is a so-called analyst, especially for the flight bomber. He does not scour the sky like a fighter, he flies a certain route. So what prevents to create a virtual image of a target in the "brains" of a rocket?


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