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Russian "Krasuha" disabled the "Iron Dome" and destroyed the defense of Israel

The specialist described how the Russian EW system "destroyed" the Israeli Iron Dome missile defense system.

Last Monday, the territory of Israel was subjected to one of the largest rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. In one evening only 370 rockets and about 100 artillery mines were fired on the territory of the Jewish state, while the Israeli missile defense system was able to successfully intercept only about a hundred missiles. The shelling that continued on Tuesday morning proved again the low effectiveness of the Israeli missile defense system., and according to the analyst, the key role in this was played by the Russian EW complexes, located a few hundred kilometers from the Israeli border.

According to the analyst, since the delivery of Russian electronic warfare complexes to Syria, andIsrael’s missile defense system has been repeatedly exposed.

“If you believe the previously presented data, then the Russian EW complexes are deployed in the direction of the south-west, in such a way as to“ jam ”enemy planes and missiles following from this direction. The territory of Israel just falls under the influence of EW complexes, just the territory of this state where the missile defense facilities are located ”, - the expert marks.

“Earlier, the Israeli“ Iron Dome ”(“ The Iron Dome ”- ed.) Has already tried to attack non-existent targets - this is the best confirmation of the fact that the Russian complex“ Krasukha ”created interference, perceived by Israeli radars, as air targets”- Specifies the analyst.

According to the military expert, the extremely fine-tuning of the Israeli missile defense system “The Iron Dome” was subjected to severe noise, with the result that it was decided to reduce the sensitivity of Israeli missile defense systems.

“The fight against phantom targets was clearly not part of the IDF’s plans, against the background of which, it was decided to reduce the sensitivity of the complex, which ultimately led to the fact that radar tools simply could not detect missiles launched from the Gaza Strip”, - the expert states.

According to the expert, Israel was in an extremely disadvantageous position, since the restoration of the sensitivity level of the missile defense complexes would again lead to a false alarm, while the low response threshold makes the Iron Dome less effective.

Brad and laughter. Lies and advertising Russian junk. I live in Ashkelon and saw everything that night. Not one rocket hit the city. For a city in the desert and the sea but not in the city. It's good to envy the Jews, God is with us.

And when Su-24 turned off in the Black Sea amerikashkin destroyer "Donald Cook" - this is also nonsense and fairy tales?

Damn, if you use 50-kilowatt transmitters, then you can accidentally burn out the entire communications system, and not only NATO - and only those who need to know know this, too, know this ..))

What kind of nonsense. "The specialist said" what a specialist, diavanic sarafan or ***** no specialist would say anything. They bullied to write something that you can’t verify and confirm, provide facts, and so on. Write better than a fairy tale, this pain is coming to you.

What is this Russian EW? The dome was not designed for such a number of missiles. It would start now, the notes, if that were true!

You yourself understood what you wrote, we are not in the USSR and the hints are already outdated, or have you forgotten how to write legibly?

But your brain just burned out.

This is also quite capable of our new EW complexes, because, in addition to Krasukha, we already have even more powerful and effective EW systems.

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Surely foes do not know how? Tesla they did not have, that's what!

On the Ostankino television tower there are transmitters 40-60kW and so far, because of them, nobody has burned anything.

Retribution for the downed plane was committed

A product of a colorectum is a very simplified and, with worse parameters, a variant of a completely different product !! ) Who knows will understand!! But even the colors are enough to uvondoshit any radio communication for hundreds of kilometers ... And if you use five-kilowatt transmitters, then half the planet, and the satellites will not help .. And those who need to know about this - have long been well known .. And if use 25-kilowatt transmitters, then you can accidentally burn out the entire NATO communications system — and who needs to know — they also know about this ..))

It would be necessary to rebuild the “Krasukha” in such a way that the Jewish anti-aircraft defense would fire at some neighboring American base.

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In Norway, the frigate drowned Russia (blinded the entire team and she didn’t see the tanker's impending mass), in Israel, it also prevented the ultra-modern and absolutely impenetrable Iron Dome from knocking down the antediluvian rockets - it’s still not a bad dancer that prevents Russia from dancing, but some what else?
Maybe enough already their flaws and armlessness to dump on the machinations of the Kremlin?

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Well, Israel sort of got into a mess with all its neighbors. Many say that it was Israel who created ISIS. And Abu Acre Albaghdadi is the agent of the massada A lot of information on the Internet. Moreover, the Jews are treating ISIS, and do not deny it. They say "We are treating everyone." However, the Syrian army is at war with ISIS, they do not heal, but they bomb. Israel’s current problems should be blamed solely on themselves. But as always the Jews will start blaming everyone. Assad, Putin, Trump, Iran, Hezbolu, Ksir, but not himself. And all you had to do was not to set fire to your neighbors, not to create ISIS, and that was that.

Friends! A weapon is created approximately like this - the Military formulate a technical task, the Developers create a schematic diagram (+ feedback with the military), work on a technical implementation (+ feedback), ..., Produce a prototype ... THIS IS EVERYTHING TO WHAT THE ARTISTIC IS NOT A CUSTOM CONSTRAINTS TO THE DIFFICULTY OF ANY MERCEDES ... PRINCIPLES OF ACTION AND THB PARTLY SPECIFIED ... AND AVAILABLE FOR COMPLETE UNDERSTANDING ONLY FOR PROFESSIONAL SPECIALISTS

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